How To Play Chords

Depending on why you’re learning the guitar, playing chords may just be the most important first step you can take. They are the basis of almost every song, and in

Essential Guitar Improvisation Techniques

When playing guitar, playing chords well and reading tab with precision are your first steps, but the ability to improvise will soon become important whether you’re playing a guitar solo

How to Fret the Guitar

If you’re new to guitar one of the simplest, but important techniques you will need to know is how to properly fret the guitar. Fretting the guitar correctly will be

Time Signatures For Guitar Players

Alongside the notes you play, the rhythms you use to play those notes are what makes the tune you’re playing recognisable! Time signatures (also known as meters) are the first

How To Hold A Guitar Pick

If you are a guitarist, then you already know what a guitar pick is. If you are just beginning to play the instrument, then you may wonder why guitarists use

How To Read Guitar Tabs

The main obstacle that prevents many people from learning to play the guitar is the idea that being able to read music is imperative. This is, however, not the case