Dan Peeke

Dan Peeke
[email protected]
Guitarist / Drummer / Backing Vocalist

Hey! I’m Dan- a music tutor and writer. I’ve played piano since I was 4, and guitar and drum kit since I was 11. I’ve been teaching all 3 of those instruments for about 5 years now and in that time, have gained a lot of helpful tips and tricks to bring beginners up to speed. In terms of my guitar playing, extended chords are one of my main interests- I’m always trying to figure out new and exciting chords. Improvisation is another passion of mine, with playing in all styles from blues and jazz to rock and metal filling up a lot of the time I spend practicing. I play a Guild acoustic and a Pacifica electric.

My writing career has allowed me to write about music I love. I’ve been sent to many festivals and gigs (ranging from pop to extreme metal) as both a photographer and reviewer, with my proudest achievement so far being an interview I had with Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis guitarist).

He ranks among my favourite ever guitarists, alongside Guthrie Govan, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour and Robert Fripp. My favourite genre of music is progressive rock, which I like to use as a reference point in my teaching, thanks to its huge complexity in structure, rhythm and harmony. However, I’m also into a lot of other genres including jazz, 90’s hip-hop, death metal and 20th century classical music.

I’m also the drummer, keyboard player and occasional guitarist and backing vocalist of my band, Beatrix Kiddo Experiment, which you can find here. We’ve been working on our debut EP, while spending a lot of our time gigging when we can.