How to Play Punk Rock Guitar

Led by groups like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, the Ramones, and the Buzzcocks, punk rock rode a wave of reactionary sentiment against more buttoned-up music and mainstream culture to

How to Play Indie Guitar

“Indie music” may be a misnomer: while the term is labeled as one genre, the name encompasses an incredibly wide array of different artists, all with their own unique sound

How To Play Rock And Roll Guitar

One of the first iterations of rock music, rock and roll arose as the music of the baby boomer generation in the early 1950s through the early 960s. Based predominantly

How to Play Grunge Guitar

From its roots in the Pacific Northwest of the late 1980s, grunge exploded to become the defining sound of the 1990s. And while bands like Nirvana, spearheaded by the legendary

How to Play Classic Rock Guitar

Developing out of styles like rock and roll, blues rock, and hard rock, classic rock remains one of the most enduring and popular genres for guitar players around the world.