What is a Fanned Fret Guitar

If you’ve heard someone mention a fanned fret guitar, you’re obviously here because you want to know what the heck that is. But maybe you’ve seen one, and just wondered what’s so great about them. Wouldn’t it be harder to play with all those skew frets? What’s the point of fanned frets anyway? You’re likely

Guitar Neck Shapes: Which is the Best for You

You’ve probably heard a good deal about tonewoods, pickups, and strings being important to the overall sound of the guitar. The neck? Maybe not so much. Or perhaps you know that although more fragile, a solid neck is better for the overall sound, as are chunkier necks. But what about guitar neck shapes? While guitar

Guitar Scale Length Explained

You may have come across different guitar scale lengths and wondered what that’s all about. Some guitars appear to have the same amount of frets, but the listed scale length differs between them. So naturally some guitars have smaller frets, but then how does that affect the pitch? Most guitar specs will list the scale

The Squier Affinity Stratocaster Series Review

If you’re on a budget, the Squier Affinity Stratocaster may have caught your eye. It’s definitely true that in many cases, if you wanted a Fender but needed a more budget-friendly guitar, Squier is the way to go. After all, Fender acquired them in the 60s. So let’s check out the Squier Affinity Stratocaster series

Guitar Wood Types and How They Influence the Sound of Your Guitar

You may have thought of the wood that guitars are made from only in terms of how to store and care for your guitar, or in terms of aesthetics. But did you know that wood actually has quite a bit of influence over the sound of acoustic guitars and hollow-body electrics? That’s why we call

The Best Electric Guitar With Whammy Bar

Sure, you could vibrato manually using your fingers. But a whammy bar looks cool and gets the job done in a fun way. Whammy bars, aka tremolo bars, aka vibrato bars are classic. They aren’t as popular these days as they were in decades past, but they’re still pretty awesome. We’ve got a list to

The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000

So, you’re looking to buy an acoustic guitar. You’ve seen some of the best ones that are priced in the thousands of dollars. You want an amazing guitar, but don’t want to or can’t fork out that kind of money. The good news is that there are so many great guitars out there that are

The 12 Best Semi Hollow Guitars

If you love a warm airy acoustic tone that works well whether plugged or unplugged, a semi-hollow guitar is the way to go. That’s not to say you can’t add some distortion. Originally designed for jazz music, they’ve become popular for a range of genres including rock, metal, pop, blues, country, any genre that uses

Concert vs Dreadnought Guitar: Which is Better?

Buying a new guitar is always exciting, whether it’s your first or another one you’re adding to your collection. But it can be especially confusing if you don’t know which type of guitar to get. Or maybe you’re just curious about the difference. Dreadnoughts are very popular, you see them everywhere. But then so are

15 Different Types of Guitars You Should Know About

If you’re new to the guitar as a whole, you may only be aware of two, maybe three different types of guitars. To think that there are more than 15 different types of guitars, however, seems unreal. As you read on, we will cover 15 of these different guitars you should know about, so that

Best Small Guitar for Kids 

Here, let me help you find the right guitar for your kids, as there’s no better way to learn music than learning how to play guitar. Keyboards might be the exception, but these are commonly pricier instruments. We’re covering expensive instruments as well. Nevertheless, our list is covering every price point. No matter the size

Gretsch G5420t Electromatic Hollow Guitar Review 

Premiering a couple of years ago, the Gretsch G5420t Electromatic is one of the most popular hollow-body guitars. It’s a top-tier offering from a brand that’s growing continuously, and we’re here to see how it amasses such a good reputation and, at the same time, why it’s not as popular as other guitars of its

Ibanez V70ce Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review 

Today’s article is reviewing the Ibanez V70ce, a budget-level acoustic-guitar by one of the best-value guitar brands in the world.  The Japanese instrument maker has a stellar reputation for highly advanced electronics and forward-thinking ideas. They introduce their proprietary tech on most of their models, from low-tier guitars to their shiniest Prestige line.  Their impact

Antonio Hermosa Ah-50 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Antonio Hermosa is a fairly unknown guitar brand. Even us, here at Beginner Guitar HQ, rarely feature their models. Today, we’re changing the trend to highlight the Antonio Hermosa AH-50, an electro-acoustic guitar. The brand’s guitars come from China, which is why they don’t have higher popularity. However, you should know the company bases its

The Best Carbon Fiber Guitar (and Why It is Worth It)

You might have seen carbon fiber being used in sports equipment like tennis rackets, or as the hood of some imported powerhouse of a sports car — but, strangely, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ve ever seen a carbon fiber guitar. This might be because of the stereotype that they cost an arm and a leg

Epiphone Broadway Hollow Guitar Review 

Here we go again, with another Epiphone guitar review. And just like we saw on the Elitist Casino, the Epiphone Broadway is also an original hollow guitar with plenty to offer. Although Epiphone is currently Gibson’s subsidiary, they also have various original models. These original guitars and bass guitars come from the early ‘60s when

Yamaha APX500III Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

The Yamaha APX500III is a hard guitar to come by, and I think it’s because of the name. “APX500III” -or APX500 3- is a handful, and it’s not catchy at all. At least not like, for example, the Yamaha NTX700.  We’ve covered various Yamaha instruments to find the highest degrees of value, no matter the

Best Resonator Guitar Reviewed 

Resonator guitars are not very relevant currently. They are more of a legacy, a testament to the old blues. Still, there’s no other instrument that wails and mourns as much as a resonator guitar. It’s a specialized guitar made for blues, bluegrass, delta blues, and country music. They ship in a variety of tunings, bright

Fender FA-135ce Guitar Review

Today’s guide is reviewing the Fender FA-135ce. It’s an entry-level dreadnought electro-acoustic guitar with a body and sound large enough for live presentations. Built with a concert-style modern design, the FA-135ce model is lovely for solo performances and lead guitar players. It packs its own electronic system, and it’s decent enough. That means you could

The Best Guitar Brands

The world of guitars is vast, and there are a lot of amazing brands out there! Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned pro, sometimes it can be difficult to evaluate which of the best guitar brands are great for your style, and which aren’t suited as well to your playing.  While many brands

Ibanez Talman Review

Today’s article is reviewing the famous Ibanez Talman TMB100 budget bass guitar for beginners. We’ve chosen an Ibanez bass or electric guitar on most of our top 10 charts, so I think it’s time to dedicate another review to this revered brand. We already choose the Talman TMB100 as one of the best bass guitars

Best Country Music Guitar

Country music is one of the oldest genres of music to use the guitar. Many new players prefer to learn rock and roll guitar, classic rock guitar, or other styles like blues guitar and indie guitar. However, country music features plenty of great guitarists. Whether you’re a country music fan or just want to improve

Yamaha NTX700 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Yamaha is a Japanese super corporation. They are widely known all over the world because of their musical instruments. Most of their guitars and bass guitars are suited for advanced musicians and players looking for the most professional features they can find. Many elite bass and guitar players have taken the Yamaha name high into

Best 8 String Guitars

Among the many changes the electric guitar has gone throughout the decades, the introduction of “Extended range” guitars is one of the more significant in memory. There is one genre in particular that comes to mind when one thinks of 8 string guitars, and that is hard hitting metal. With the popularity of bands that

Best Jazz Guitar

Jazz is considered by many to be the epitome of guitar musicianship, the skill and commitment required to be a true student of the genre is both commendable and impressive. But the saying goes that a guitarist is only as good as his guitar, and while the genre of Jazz does not necessarily require a

The Best 7 String Guitars

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we’re just as used to guiding you through equipment as we are actually teaching you the guitar. Once you’ve picked up some basic skills on a six-string guitar, you might find that what you want to be playing actually requires you to have a seventh string available to you. In this important guide,

Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar

I’m going to review the top 6 best 12-string acoustic guitars you can buy right now. These include both acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars. If you stay with me, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about these amazing beasts: what are they good for, what do they do, how do they sound, and

Best Hollow Body Guitar

If you’ve seen the Foo Fighters play, you’ve probably noticed how special Dave Grohl’s guitars are. The frontman mostly uses Gretsch semi-hollow guitars, and they offer the vintage, smooth sound that makes the tone of the band. We’re talking about something other legendary guitar players have in common, people like Paul McCartney, John Lennon, B.B.

Best Blues Guitar

For a new player, it can be quite daunting to find a guitar that really gives you everything you need. In this guide we will look at what guitars will be a good match for the up and coming blues player. Blues guitar players are often looked up to for their fantastic tone and their

Best Budget Electroacoustic Guitars

Many people don’t know about electroacoustic guitars, have never seen one, or have never played one. Skepticism still surrounds these beautiful musical instruments as, like you, many might not know the advantages of playing an electric acoustic guitar. Electroacoustic guitars are simply the best of both worlds. They have the capabilities and volume of an

How to Test a Guitar: A Guide for Buying New or Used

Whether you’re looking for your first guitar or your twentieth, testing out an instrument is still a unique and tricky process. How should you determine whether or not a guitar offers the specific sound and feel you’re looking for? And how can you ensure you don’t buy a lemon that may develop hardware or body

Best Guitar for Small Hands

As someone who has had to struggle with complex chord stretches because of short fingers, this article is going to address some tips for other players with the same problem to help you find the best guitar for small hands. Guitarists with small hands faced challenges in finding quality instruments with smaller dimensions after the

Understanding The Parts Of A Guitar

When you start playing guitar, it’s unlikely you’re going to know exactly what every part of it is or what it does. There are a lot of different parts on a guitar, some obvious, some simple, some weird… Eventually, you’ll need to figure out exactly what they are what they do. Whether looking to upgrade,

Best Cheap Guitar

The Fender Acoustic Bundle is our pick for the best cheap guitar, which is acoustic and comes with a set of picks, a strap, some extra strings and others in the bundle. Our step-up pick is the Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK and it comes with tuners, an amp and other freebies like strings and picks. It

Best DIY Guitar Kits

The FretWire 175 Jazz guitar kit is our pick for the best DIY guitar kit, which can be added with your own finish. The body has already been drilled beforehand and it comes with all the needed hardware. Our step-up pick is the Solo ES Style guitar kit and it has a maple top with a nice

Best Kids Guitar

If a child shows an inclination towards learning a musical instrument, it is something worth fostering. Playing is a fulfilling endeavour and it has been proven that it helps strengthen dexterity and develop certain mental functions such as concentration, self-confidence and creativity. Not to speak of practical benefits such as developing work ethic, the idea

Best Beginner Guitar

Choosing a guitar is an arduous process for established guitarist and even more so for beginners who are tasked with picking a single instrument among thousands upon thousands of options. It can undoubtedly be a discouraging experience that can delay the start of a fulfilling and gratifying journey. There are, however, a number of factors

Best Bass Guitar

The majority of budding musicians naturally gravitate towards the guitar given its natural allure and reputation solidified by the status of guitarist as icons in the world’s most popular bands. However, if you’ve veered away from the trend and have decided to opt for a bass guitar, you’ve embarked on a fulfilling journey with an

How to Choose the Best Guitar, 15 Factors to Consider According to Science

Navigating the surfeit of guitars available at your local music shop or online retailer can be a daunting experience. The sheer number of models, shapes and sizes is confusing. However, there might be a way to simplify the experience with the use of science. The guitar as a crafted instrument relies heavily on science for