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José G. Zapata, known as “Zeta”, is a professional AV Producer and Music Producer based in Caracas, Venezuela. He has a BA in Social Communications and a Berkley diploma in Songwriting. 

Music and comedy are Zeta’s passions, although music came first. It came with his dad, really. Zeta grew up listening to Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Saxon, Rush, and similar bands.

He learned how to play bass at 15. It was a cheap Epiphone SG bass guitar. It was read, small, had two knobs and a beautiful sound. At least beautiful enough for his incredible 10-people audiences.

The first song he learned was “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2” by Pink Floyd. I know it’s a bit common, in a way, but it was amazing at the moment. However, he always preferred to write songs on his own rather than learning someone else’s. Even if it was all power chords...even if it was all a single power chord. 

His music-centric life let him to desitions based on how he would achieve his goals faster. After a couple of years of “office” experience, he decided it wasn’t best to work for others. Only for himself and for his family. 

He grew up with music in his mind, playing for various bands in Caracas and, eventually, he joined a home studio in the city. With his help, his passion, and his investment, the studio grew and now produces a full range of rock bands in the city.  

Zeta also remembers how he grew up as the “jokester” in both the family and the school. He used to sit on the biggest stool there was during family dinners to tell funny stories about his life or about apples who could talk. 

He still does it, but he’s an adult who can say curse words now. And whatever he tells, he does it with charisma. 

Now, with both music and comedy, he decided to mix them both together in a professional way and began producing his own parody music. He launched a comedy channel on YouTube which is slowly gaining popularity in the country. 

He learned quick enough he had a talent for videoclips, so he saved money for a video camera, lights, mics, and a computer.

And he never studied AV Production, though. He’s a proud YouTube son filling his gaps with the love he has for films and the Jonh Wick franchise. 

So Zeta, during the last year, transitioned from the studio to his own AV studio producing video clips. And whatever he does, he does it with passion.

Zeta’s areas of expertise include songwriting, bass guitar, rock genres, music history; as well as filmmaking, comedy, and AV production.