The Best Double Bass Pedal – 10 Great Options

Looking for the best double bass pedal? So you’re setting up a new drum kit, whether for yourself or for your home studio, and you’re stuck. You’ve got some nice cymbals and a full drum kit, but you’re missing that important element: the kick pedal. Or maybe you’ve already got an old single bass pedal,

17 Best Guitar Pedals For Beginners & Pros

Looking for the best guitar pedals? Elitist gear snobs will have you know that “tone comes from the fingers,” and all they need is “a guitar, an amp, and a cable.” They’re also the kind to shell out for $60 guitar strings, hunt down that elusive rare Gibson guitar with their favorite “tonewood,” and shun

Best Wah Pedal

A Wah pedal is a great addition to your guitar gear. It can easily improve your solos and riffs, but it can also make them cheesy and repetitive. A Wah pedal is a double-edged sword, which is why it’s so important to choose the best Wah pedal and use it right. What is a Wah

Best Bass EQ Pedal

Today’s article is detailing the best EQ pedals you can buy for bass guitars. The best EQ pedals can rectify your tone, take care of your instrument’s downsides, and enhance what’s already there. EQ pedals can make a guitar or a bass guitar shine through a mix and claim its price as the primary sound

The Best Tremolo Pedal

Tremolo is one of the oldest and most popular effects ever created for guitar. First used as a built-in effect for guitar amplifiers in the 1960s, the iconic “wobble” and pulsating rhythm that tremolo provide made it an indispensable effect on many players’ pedalboards. In the modern day, tremolo is just as popular as ever,

Best Phaser Pedal For Guitar

We’re reviewing the top 7 best phaser pedals for electric guitars. The models we list range from budget to premium models. Moreover, we’re covering a short butter’s guide, plus a guide on how to use these otherworldly stompboxes. Phaser pedals are modulation effects. It’s a distinctive effect for your guitar, although it’s a challenging sound

The Best Vocal Effects Pedal – 10 Great Options

Getting up on stage and singing can be a pretty daunting experience, for beginner and experienced vocalists alike. Not only are you singing live, in front of a full audience (hopefully), but you don’t have the comfort of post-production tools like reverb and autotune to help round out any mistakes. And you sure as hell

Boss CS-3 Compressor Pedal Review 

Today, we’re taking a look at the Boss CS-3 compressor and sustainer pedal for electric guitar. The CS-3 is one of those models that grant Boss such a high reputation, and we’re going to see why.  Boss is one of the top-tier companies regarding guitar and bass pedal effects. Their reputation doesn’t come with a

MXR Fullbore Metal Guitar Pedal Review 

We’re here to take a look at the MXR Fullbore pedal, one of the most popular and sought-out stompboxes for metal genres. MXR is a New-York-based pedal effect manufacturer that began its operations in 1972. Nowadays, it’s a Jim Dunlop trademark company, continuously producing top tier effect pedals for rock genres. The Fullbore is about

Boss VE-8 Vocal Effects Pedal Review

Few people know that Boss is Roland’s subsidiary. Given that Boss has such a reputation in the music industry, there’s no wonder why people don’t know they actually respond to someone else.  The Boss Ve-8 is an example of why the brand is so revered. It showcases the consistent advancement the company makes in sound

The Best Distortion Pedal For Metal

Overdrive is a key component to your guitar tone, and can be used in just about every genre on the planet. However, there are many players who get into guitar so they can do one thing: play metal. As such, we’ve combined a love for distortion with a love for the genre. In this important

The Best Noise Gate Pedal

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we aim to get your tone sounding as good as your guitar playing. Guitar pedals are typically thought of as a way to drastically alter the sound your guitar produces, but the essentials of a good quality base-sound is often overlooked. With a noise gate, you’ll have a crisp, clean and noiseless sound

The Best Vibrato Pedal

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, it’s our mission to get your guitar tone sounding as good as your playing. There are a few steps to this, including choosing the right guitar and guitar amp, but once you’ve done that, you can start work on your pedalboard. The vibrato pedal is something that can add a really unique flair

The Best Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz is one of the oldest and most popular effects in the guitar world. First introduced in the 1960s with Germanium units like the Fuzz Face, fuzz remains a standard effect across lots of genres. Whether you want to play garage rock, psychedelic, or even experimental noise rock, a great fuzz pedal should be indispensable

How to Choose a Fuzz Pedal

Are you about to open your own Fuzz Workshop? This guide will walk you through the key factors you should consider when choosing a fuzz pedal. Alongside distortion and overdrive, fuzz is the most common effect for electric guitar. It’s also the most diverse, which is why you probably need help to invest your money

Digitech Whammy Review

The Digitech Whammy is one of the first, and most famous, pitch-shifting pedals ever invented. In the couple decades since it was first released, it’s graced pedalboards of famous guitarists like Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood and Ed O’Brien. However, the Digitech Whammy has also become a cult favorite pedal with hard rock and grunge guitarists. Tom

The Best Electro-Harmonix Pedals

Electro-Harmonix is one of the most famous companies ever to make the best guitar pedals. Founded in the 1960s by legendary engineer Mike Matthews, EHX has produced some of the most famous effects ever for the guitar. Pedals like the Deluxe Memory Man, Big Muff, and Small Stone have influenced generations of guitarists and created

DigiTech RP55 Review – An Affordable Multi-Effects Pedal

Sooner or later, every electric guitarist faces the same dilemma. You’ve learned all your chords, mastered your pickups, and now you want to take your sound to the next level. Only with hundreds of effects pedals on the market, how do you know which ones are right for you? Do you go with a fuzz

The Magic of the Mooer Tender Octaver

The octave pedal market is, albeit well saturated, not sufficiently appreciated. That’s because most models are unnecessarily advanced and complex. In an effort to try their best to pack as many features as they can in a small octave pedal, manufacturers often forget performance, price, and ease of use.  Mooer knew this, apparently, as they

Best Acoustic Guitar Pedals

Guitar pedals are essential for acoustic guitar players performing live. The best acoustic guitar pedals can add a solid foundation to your tone and fix every issue you could ever imagine. This guide by Beginner Guitar HQ is showing you the top 12 acoustic guitar pedals and preamps. We’re discussing how these pedals can add

Vox Wah Review – The Classic Wah Pedal

What do Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour have in common? They’re master guitarists, of course. And they’ve all used Vox wahs to help create their iconic sounds. In 1967, Vox teamed up with Thomas Organ to release the first ever wah pedal. It quickly became a must-have stompbox for guitarists

Best Metal Pedal

Mean, loud & dirty. We’ve seen the best metal amps for electric guitar before on the site and found out how the right amplifier can work miles towards getting you the metal sound you’re looking for. We also searched the best 15 metal guitars because without the right ax you won’t really achieve an aggressive

The 10 Best Looper Pedals

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we like to guide you towards an incredible set-up for your guitar as well as some brilliant playing skills. Once you’ve got the basics down (or even before, if you want) dig deep into this article and figure out which looper pedal is the one for you. Then, you’ll be able to become

Best Flanger Pedal Reviewed

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we like to keep our learners at the top of their game tonally as well as technically. This means we can guide you towards some incredible gear, from guitars, to guitar strings, to amps, to effects pedals. Each of these will help to turn your ability to play guitar into an incredible feast

Best EQ Pedal

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, it’s our mission to teach you how to play the guitar as well as possible. Once we’ve done that, we want to help you craft the best tone possible. Whether it’s in the studio, on stage, or just for practice, we can offer you a guide to the best guitars, amps and pedals

The Boss Metal Zone MT-2 Review

Boss is the No 1 go-to brand for guitar effects pedals. They have dominated the market for decades, offering a diverse and high quality array of effects for guitar players of all genres. From distortion, to loops, to chorus and multi-effect units, they have it all. When you buy a Boss pedal, it’s for life:

The Best Bass Distortion Pedal for Bass Guitars 

Welcome to the bass distortion pedal guide that’s going to help you invigorate your bass sound with some sweet distortion. Here’re the reviews of the 6 best distortion pedals for the bass guitar effects pedals you can buy right now. If your bass amp alone is struggling to give you the aggressive edge you want

Best Overdrive Pedal

In this ultimate guide we review the best overdrive pedals for electric guitars you can buy right now. The best overdrive pedals on our list can fit all budgets: there entry-level options, mid-level options, and professional, costly options that can take your sound to another level. Are you thinking vintage and powerful? Well, the overdrive

Best Octave Pedal

There are a lot of pedals out there for guitarists to get a hold of. The octave pedal is perhaps one of the least well-known and least common of the many available, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Beyond being able to really beef up your chords if you’re in need of a

Best Chorus Pedal

BeginnerGuitarHQ brings you a new guide scoping the best chorus pedals for electric guitars you can buy right now. We’re detailing both analog and digital alternatives, and we’re covering prices that can fit all budgets. In my humble opinion, I suggest chorus pedals as one of the 5 essential effects for all guitar players: Delay,

Behringer Super Fuzz Review: SF300 Super Fuzz Pedal

Behringer is known for creating superb, affordable guitar effect pedals, probably the best in the market. Because of that, we’re going to review the superb, easy to use, and affordable Behringer Super Fuzz. First of all, though, let’s understand what fuzz is, and then I’m sharing my review of my favorite affordable fuzz, a guitar

The Best Multi-Effects Pedal

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we like to make sure that everyone learning guitar with us is able to craft the most perfect, forward-thinking and high quality sounds they can. You can become the best guitarist in the world, but without the right tone, you aren’t going to get anywhere. In a live setting, there is nothing better

Best Pedal Power Supply

If you’re building a pedalboard to house all your pedals then you’ll need a great power supply. A good quality pedal power supply can improve the tone and how clean the power hitting your pedals is. Pedal power supplies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large. Each model will power

10 Best Bass Effect Pedals

These bass effect pedals can take your bass to the next level. This is a guide for beginner, intermediate, and advanced bass players alike. I’ll take you through everything you need to know to buy the exact bass pedals you need to improve your sound and create the basslines you imagine. I’ll give you budget

Best Boost Pedal

When you play in a band sometimes you could find yourself fighting for space in the mix, especially when there is another guitar player alongside you on stage. The last thing you want is for your big guitar solo to be buried in the mix and all those face melting licks you’ve worked so hard

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal Review

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we aim to help you learn to become a great guitarist. When learning this valuable skill, you need the equipment to go with it, so we put together helpful reviews that’ll give you a head start in deciding what’s right for you! In this important guide, I’ll talk you through the Boss DS-1

The Best Guitar Pedal For Beginners & Pros

Elitist gear snobs will have you know that “tone comes from the fingers,” and all they need is “a guitar, an amp, and a cable.” They’re also the kind to shell out for $60 guitar strings, hunt down that elusive rare Gibson guitar with their favorite “tonewood,” and shun anyone who plays a guitar made

How to Create Layered Arrangements with a Looper Pedal

Common Looper Pedals Looper pedals come in all different shapes and sizes, with varying amounts of control knobs, added features, and storage space. Even though they don’t distort your signal or add spacey delay to your tone, some looper pedals may be among the most complicated to operate on your board!  Your specific needs will

Best Low Cost Drive Pedals

You have the guitar and the new amp but now you’d like to add a little grit to your tone like you heard from the band you saw over the weekend. You thought the guitar player was doing a foot dance until you got up close and saw a series of small metal boxes they

How To Build A Guitar Pedal Board

Once you’ve grabbed a good guitar, learnt how to play it and bought all the stuff that needs to go with it, then you may want to start thinking about the timbre of its sound without relying just on an amp. We’ve talked you through many pedals and the sort of thing they do, but

Best Compressor Pedal

This sleek, durable, and efficient compressor pedal gets the job done. The MXR M102 Dyna Comp is an in-line compressor with output and sensitivity control. If you stable dynamics, this is your ticket. It comes a long way from being one of the compressor pedals for guitar and professional guitarists . And with good reason,

Best Reverb Pedal

Are you tired of your guitar not sounding as good as Slash or Jimmy Hendrix while you’re jamming? Is your reverb more or a de-verb? Great reverb pedals are out there, you just need to find the right one for you. Investing in a good reverb pedal could make all of the difference in the