Best Acoustic Bass Guitar 

Today, we bring you a list reviewing the top acoustic bass guitars you can buy right now. We’re covering various price levels for your convenience. That means we’re considering entry-level acoustic bass guitars to start our list, and then climb towards top-tier models. Acoustic bass guitars are hollow wooden instruments. They are larger than dreadnought

ESP F-104 Bass Review 

Today, we’re reviewing the ESP F-104 model, an active bass guitar of the budget-friendly LTD series. It’s an entry-level instrument that aims to deliver a professional experience to intermediate and beginner bass players. ESP is a Japanese musical instrument company. They produce bass guitar and electric guitars in Japan, as well as in Burbank, California

Rogue LX200b Bass Guitar Review 

Rogue is a relatively new brand, which is why we’re keeping this particular review shorter than usual. In that regard, today’s article is reviewing the Rogue LX200B Series III bass guitar, which is an example of the reputation they’ve built over the last couple of years. In essence, Rogue is making noise in the entry-level

G&L JB2 Bass Guitar Review

The G&L JB2, otherwise known as the “Tribute,” follows the original J-bass design of Leo Fender. It’s not a copy, though. Leo Fender himself founded the G&L company after he left Fender in 1965 due to health conditions. That means we’re looking at one of those models crafted by one of the most legendary luthiers

Sterling S.U.B. Bass Review

Recently, we chose the Music Man Sterling StingRay 5 as the best overall 5-string bass you can buy right now. Now, we’re reviewing the Sterling S.U.B. bass guitar, a mid-level model that’s worthy of all of your attention. The original Music Man Sterling is one of the best basses ever created. It’s been present amongst

Höfner Ignition Bass Review

Much has been said about Hofner basses in this site before. However, we’ve never reviewed a single model of this reputed brand. Alas, today’s article is reviewing the violin-like Hofner Ignition Bass Guitar, a unique instrument that looks and sounds like classic rock & roll. What we’ve got in our hands is a “viola” bass,

Best 5 String Bass Guitars

Today’s article is guiding you towards the top 10 best 5 string bass guitars you can buy right now. Our selection is about the best 5 string basses you can buy for the money: they all offer top value for its price.  This is not a beginner’s guide. If you’re looking for a 5-string bass

Peavey Milestone Bass Guitar Review

Peavey is one of the world’s largest music instrument manufacturers and suppliers. Hartley Peavey founded the company in 1965. The company now owns over 180 patents for their original designs and reaches over 130 countries. The company tackles the beginner and young musician looking for budget, reliable choices. They pride themselves in creating affordable instruments

Ibanez SR250 Bass Guitar Review

Japanese music company Ibanez has pioneered bass development for over 40 years. They have pushed the boundaries of what budget basses can offer time and time again. Their designs appeal to worldwide bass players of all ages, all budgets, and all genres. The possibilities to express yourself on an Ibanez bass are limitless. Such spirit

Dean Bass Guitar Review 

Dean is an American music company producing budget and mid-level basses and electric guitars. Most of their items sell for reasonable prices, and whilst they do build top-end models that rival the likes of Gibson, Fender, and Gretsch in terms of cost and craftsmanship, those premium instruments are not well known. However, they have solidified

Epiphone Thunderbird Bass Guitar Review

Gibson doesn’t have many models. In fact, Gibson doesn’t build much variety in terms of musical gear…what they do build, they do it perfectly. And because I said that, I can now name the two Gibson series that are so special they practically don’t need to sell anything else: the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar;

Silvertone Bass Guitar Review

Silvertone is an almost forgotten brand. But know-it-all musicians have heard the name once or twice. And back in the ‘50s, this was a popular, beloved brand that revolutionized the bass and guitar world with a couple of amazing affordable instruments. But their time is almost gone, and their instruments are often a thing for

Fender Deluxe Precision Bass Special Review

First thing’s first: there’s a downside with this bass, which is its confusingly long name. The real name is Fender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special. This model comes from Fender Mexico, which is cheaper than Fender USA and sometimes it’s even better. Because Fender Mexico needs to compete with the high standards of Fender USA

Squier P Bass Guitar Review

The Fender Precision bass is the dream of almost every regular bass player. Such a shame, though, that these axes are so expensive, especially if you’re not in the United States. So today we’re listing the best alternatives from Squier, Fender’s subsidiary making budget Fender instruments. You need to understand something: whilst Squier is NOT

Best Budget Bass Guitar

If you’re looking for the best budget bass guitars, this detailed guide will come in handy. Listen, “budget” doesn’t exactly mean “cheap,” and “budget” doesn’t mean “for beginners,” not at all. A proper synonym would be, instead, “affordable.” And by affordable, I mean it has the Trinity elements: quality, price, and durability. Overall, you would

Best 5-String Bass Guitar

Most bass guitars have four strings, but don’t be intimidated by that extra string on a 5-stringer. A 5-string bass can add a whole new feel to a song — plus, it’s just fun. In this article, we’ll cover what that fifth string does, what you should look for in a bass, and how learning

Best Beginner Bass Guitar

The electric bass guitar is my instrument of choice, my passion, and my specialty. I’ve you’re looking to buy your first bass guitar, this guide will help you pick the best beginner bass guitar. I will guide you through your first bass choice and the reasons as to why you should play bass guitar. I

Mandolin vs Guitar: How to Transfer Guitar Skill To The Mandolin

Stringed instruments are everywhere, and if you can already play the guitar (if you can’t, use our many guides here at BeginnerGuitarHQ to learn how) then there is a pretty high chance you’ll be able to use what you already know to pick up one of these other instruments. In this important guide, I’ll help

How to Transfer Guitar Skill To The Bass Guitar

Stringed instruments are everywhere, and if you can already play the guitar (if you can’t, use our many guides here at BeginnerGuitarHQ to learn how) then there is a pretty high chance you’ll be able to use what you already know to pick up one of these other instruments. In this important guide, I’ll help

How to Choose a Bass Guitar – 12 Factors to Consider According to Science

Choosing a bass guitar can be a long and arduous process. Considering the high costs of most bass guitars, you want to be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Many beginning bass guitarists will simply try out many different guitars and look for the one that “feels” right. While there is