The Best Powered Speakers for Home Studio?

Let’s start by saying congrats: By making it this far, you’re well on your way to building an epic home studio. You’ve probably already got some gear locked down, with a decent DAW and a nice audio interface set up in your studio. But there’s one piece of the puzzle missing, and it’s a pretty

10 Best Karaoke Machines

One of our goals at is to give expert reviews on some of the most modern music devices and to give quality advice on what you should look out for when shopping for these devices. Here, we are considering karaoke machines, and I’ve highlighted 10 of the best karaoke machines based on criteria like

Best PA System for Guitar Players

How to choose your first P.A. system for live shows P.A. stands for “public address.” In the music industry, a P.A. system is a means of projecting sound to a large crowd. Then, a P.A. system consists of PA speakers, microphones, audio controller (mixer), cables, and stands. You can use this kind of setting for