The Best Baritone Ukulele

The ukulele word is fun and often surprising. While there are not as many options as you’d see on the acoustic guitar market, there’s still plenty to try out. For that reason, we’re here to share the best baritone ukuleles we could find right now.  We already created a guide showcasing the best ukuleles. This

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Ukulele Review

Today’s article is doing something different than we normally do. We’re reviewing the OU5 Ukulele by Oscar Schmidt. In terms of ukulele prices, I’d say the OU5 is a mid-range model. Coming from a brand that specializes in hollow, semi-hollow, and acoustic guitars, we expect fair results. Also, the Oscar Schmidt OU5 ukulele is quite

The Best Bass Ukulele

A bass ukulele? Now, that’s a bold idea, but not just an idea, though. Bass ukuleles already exist as small solid or hollow body wooden instruments. They resemble guitar ukuleles, but they have four thicker strings to create deeper sounds. I may have oversimplified the matter, which may be exactly what you need. If you’ve

The Best Ukulele Reviewed – 7 Best Ukuleles

Please don’t get fooled by the Beginner Guitar name of our site. We review all kinds of musical gear, from interfaces and recording laptops to expensive electric guitars. Today’s article is listing the top 10 ukuleles you can buy right now. Our list goes from bucket-end budget all the way up to premium-sized models. Moreover,

20 Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners – Master Beginner Ukulele Songs in 20 Hours

In this detailed guide, I’ll show you 20 easy ukulele songs you can learn as a beginner ukulele player. At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we mainly aim to teach you everything we can about guitars. However, sometimes we branch out into the world of similar instruments. The bass, the mandolin, and in this case, the ukulele. The brilliant

Guitar vs Ukulele: How to Transfer Guitar Skill To The Ukulele

Stringed instruments are everywhere, and if you can already play the guitar (if you can’t, use our many guides here at BeginnerGuitarHQ to learn how) then there is a pretty high chance you’ll be able to use what you already know to pick up one of these other instruments. In this important guide, I’ll help