The Jackson Dinky Guitar Range Review

While you may not think of Jackson guitars the same as you would about Fender, Epiphone, Gibson, or Ibanez, it’s actually a very decent guitar brand. In fact, famous guitarists who’ve played or are currently playing Jackson guitars include Dave Mustaine, Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads, Vinnie Vincent, Kirk Hammet, Phil Collen, Corey Beaulieu, and Mark

Is Electric Guitar Easier Than Acoustic

When you start something new, you don’t want it to be harder than necessary. To be fair, guitar isn’t the hardest thing I’ve had to learn, it’s not even the most difficult instrument that I’ve had the opportunity to learn. But it’s not a walk in the proverbial park, either. And the more advanced you

The 12 Best Cheap Electric Guitars

The cost of instruments and lessons are what often holds people back from getting into music. And electric guitars can be especially expensive compared to acoustic guitars. But thankfully, there are cheap guitars and plenty of free online resources here on Beginner Guitar HQ to help you learn to play guitar. Having said that, you

Epiphone Les Paul 100 Electric Guitar Review

We’ve talked a lot about Epiphone on our site. It’s great, a top-value guitar and bass manufacturer for all experience levels and budgets. Gibson’s subsidiary is often at the top of every budget and mid-level guitar chart, and why not? They are creating “cheap” but superb Gibson-designed guitars. We’re now reviewing the Epiphone Les Paul-100

Gibson SGJ Electric Guitar Review 

Gibson doesn’t know what “affordable” means. That’s what you may think, though, as it wasn’t always like this. However, if you’re currently looking for a budget Gibson guitar, this is not the way. See, a couple of years ago, Gibson took some aesthetic and premium features out of their SG guitar series. The goal was

Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone SG Special is the mid-level buster. Coming from Gibson’s subsidiary, we already know the basic formula of the electric guitar. It’s an affordable and yet valuable alternative to the coveted Gibson SG guitar, one of the best, if not the best, guitar for rock genres. I would say this is an entry-level guitar

Kramer Baretta Special Electric Guitar Review 

Kramer Guitars is the lesser-known Gibson subsidiary. They create electric guitar and basses, and although their name doesn’t harness the greatest popularity, the Kramer Baretta Special has a well-deserved cult following. They began their operations in the 1970s and made themselves different by using aluminum or wooden necks on their guitars and basses. Moreover, Kramer

Squier ‘51 Electric Guitar Review

Squier is perhaps everyone’s favorite budget guitar manufacturer, and Gibson’s subsidiary Epiphone is its only rival, in terms of sheer popularity. The appeal of a budget Stratocaster or Stratocaster guitar is simply too much. Among all of Squier’s incredible offers, we find the Squier ‘51 Stratocaster guitar. Originally, the guitar is part of Squier’s Vintage

ESP LTD EC-256 Review

Japanese guitar maker ESP is one of the biggest names in Asia. Their guitars are generally pricey to export to the rest of the world, though. As a result, ESP is not quite as big in America, but affordable models like the ESP LTD EC-256 have certainly made a dent in the industry. The LTD

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Review 

We’ve seen many Epiphone electric guitars on our reviews. Often, they present themselves as alternatives to the very expensive Gibson Les Paul. And with a mere fraction of the premium price, guitars like the Epiphone Les Paul Standard are solid, reliable, and quite impressive.  The history of Epiphone and Gibson are intertwined. Both brands have

Epiphone Casino Elitist Hollow Body Guitar Review 

The Epiphone Elitist Casino is not your standard Epiphone guitar. It’s an original model that has been decades in the market. As a combination between classic rock and modern styles, the ’65 Elitist Casino is well worth its price. Gibson’s subsidiary Epiphone is much more than a simple creator of budget Gibson alternatives. Before the

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Metal Electric Guitar Review 

Instead of reviewing mid-level and budget musical gear as we normally do, we’re going all-in. You’re in luck if you’re looking where to spend your hard-earned money on a professional guitar. The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is a dream made electric guitar for metal genres. Schecter Musical Research is an American company. It needs no introduction.

ESP Viper Electric Guitar Review

ESP doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Often their guitars go unnoticed, branded as nothing more than Gibson Les Paul copies. Here we have the ESP Viper electric guitar, another member of their affordable LTD line of modified, metal-oriented “Gibson copies.” Don’t be fooled, though. As per usual, the ESP LTD line offers some serious

Ibanez S521 Electric Guitar Review 

The Japanese music instrument maker has a straightforward idea. “Our instruments are for playing metal,” they would say, and that’s precisely what the Ibanez S521 stands for. It’s not the ultimate, definitive metal guitar, though. It’s not Ibanez’s most premium model either. Still, it’s a testament to their core philosophy. Ibanez is the go-to brand

Yamaha FGX700SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review 

As always, Yamaha is a top music instrument maker. They are not the definite high-end option out there. And yet, when it comes to electro-acoustic guitars, the Yamaha FG700sc model proves they can share the spotlight with brands like Martin, Gretsch, Fender, and Gibson. It’s also not an expensive model, even though the FG series

The 10 Best Electric Guitar Brands, Compared And Explained

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we want you to have the biggest grasp over the guitar as you possibly can. This includes everything from crafting the tone perfect for your needs, to learning to become a virtuosic performer. One of the most important things about learning guitar, is choosing your instruments. As such, we’ve provided you with a

Best Electric Guitar Under $1,000 

The $1,000 price mark is the perfect spot. Is where you’d find most top-tier options from most brands. These are the things you would never think to exist if you’ve always been a low and mid-level instrument user. That’s why I’m helping you find the best electric guitars under 1000 dollars. Overall, we’re searching for

10 Best Expensive Electric Guitars

We’ve reviewed many instruments here at Beginner Guitar HQ. Yet, we’ve never listed the best expensive electric guitars before. Making justice to our name, most of our listings include budget options and amateur alternatives. Beginner and intermediate musicians are not looking to waste their savings on a single piece of gear. It’s what we do.

PRS SE 245 Review

Today, we’re reviewing the PRS SE 245, the first-ever 24.5’’ long-scale electric guitar from a brand that prefers building bulky all-rounders. This is a mid-level perfection wearing two humbuckers and featuring a wide range of tones. Whereas PRS guitars are quite expensive, the SE series is made in Korea, and so SE-series guitars are more

Epiphone Wildkat Review

The Epiphone Wildkat semi-hollow guitar is one of those original Epiphone models. You see, aside from making affordable Gibson-designed instruments, Epiphone also manufactures original designs that date the company’s origins. The times where you choose an Epiphone instrument simply for its Gibson aesthetics are over. Gibson’s subsidiary is now much more than that. They have

Can You Play An Electric Guitar Without an Amp? 

Traditionally, amplifiers were a must-have accessory. They were invented in the 1930s to help electric guitarists play as loudly as other musicians in big band orchestras. Even today, they’re an inescapable feature at jam sessions and gigs. But with a heavy build (and an even heavier price tag), many players are questioning whether or not

Types of Electric Guitars – Definitive Guide

Beginner Guitar HQ is helping you understand everything you need to know about the different types of electric guitars there are. We’re going to keep this as simple as possible: instead of deep and theoretical stuff, we’re going to explain everything we say with guitar examples and additional guitar reviews. Stay with us if you’re

Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar Review

Johnny Marr’s career has led him to places in bands like The Smiths, The Pretenders, Modest Mouse, The The, and The Cribs. Over the course of his four-decade career, he’s been called one of the greatest guitar players alive. Now, that has led to a signature guitar: the Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar. His melodic, riff-filled

ESP LTD-EC 1000 Review

Today we’re reviewing the popular LTD-EC 1000 “Les Paul” type guitar. A quick look at this ax is enough to realize it’s made for metal. But, in classic ESP fashion, this is a metal guitar with a surprising amount of versatility. In particular, the LTD series of electric guitars is known to be a great

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Review

We’ve highlighted and praised Gibson’s little sister Epiphone. However, we’ve never fully reviewed an Epiphone electric guitar, so we thought we could change that by reviewing the Epiphone Les Paul Special II electric guitar for beginners. I’m writing this guide for the total beginner because I understand this is the kind of guitar first-timers are

BC Rich Warlock Metal Guitar Review

A couple of years ago, Praxis Musical Instruments signed a worldwide contract with Hanser Music Group to own the B.C. Rich brand. And perhaps you’ve never heard of B.C. Rich, but I can assure you that you’ve seen one at least once in your life. And it caught your eyes. Hanser has owned B.C. Rich

Fender Mexican Stratocaster Review – A Popular Mid-Level Electric Guitar

Aside from the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Telecaster, there’s no electric guitar quite as iconic as the Fender Stratocaster. Ask your non-musical friends what image comes to mind when they picture an electric guitar––chances are, they’ll describe the solid-bodied, double cutaway-shaped and white pickguard-ed image of a Strat. Since 1954, the Stratocaster has been

Best Rock Guitars

Today’s guide reviews the 10 best rock guitars you can buy right now. These are the options you need to try if you’re on a rock guitar hero path, and I’ll be sure to list models suiting all budgets. Likewise, we’re covering as much ground as we can in our best rock guitars selection. Some

Oscar Schmidt Delta King Washburn Semi-Hollow Guitar Review

Washburn Guitars is an American string-instrument manufacturer established back in 1883 in Chicago, Illinois.  They have a so-so reputation, to be honest, mostly because they have suffered various ownership changes and major rebrands. A couple of years ago, Washburn merged with US Music Corp, another instrument corporation known for owning DigiTech pedals, Warwick basses, Randall

Dean Vendetta Electric Guitar Review 

Dean Guitars dukes it out against the likes of Squier, Epiphone, Peavey, Ibanez, and Washburn in the entry-level instruments branch. But there’s something truly special about what they sell: their guitars and basses are not Fender copies, they are original designs packing Dean’s DMG pickups. Its lineup of products includes acoustic guitars, solid-body electric guitars,

Ibanez GRX20 Electric Guitar Review

A no-regrets budget metal guitar Common knowledge says Ibanez guitars are built for metal. Some models, like our recently reviewed Ibanez SR250 bass guitar, have an expanded versatility that goes beyond what the bell tolls. The Ibanez GRX20 electric guitar follows the same path but stays within reach of Hangar 666. The GRX20 is a

Orange O Bass by Orange Review 

The British music company is known for its top-value Orange amps for guitar and basses. We at Beginner Guitar HQ have constantly chosen Orange for our top amp reviews, like our recent top combo amps list or the prior best amps for metal selection. The brand provides professional and amateur musicians honest solutions for their

Squier Standard Telecaster Review

We at Beginner Guitar HQ have reviewed some great Squier alternatives. We’ve listed the Classic Vibe Series, the Squier Jaguar models, and the Squier Bullet Stratocaster. Time and time again, we find that Squier has grown so much from its early “cheap instruments that are trash” reputation. Right now, Fender’s subsidiary Squier is the top

Maestro by Gibson Guitar Review

It might be obvious to experienced players, but beginners must understand that the Maestro by Gibson acoustic guitar is not a real Gibson instrument. Even so, Beginner Guitar HQ has decided to review this particular guitar because it’s a very commendable guitar for amateur guitar players.  What this is, then, is a Chinese-made acoustic guitar

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Review

Fender has a decades-long reputation as a top leading guitar maker. They share their throne with the likes of Gibson Gretsch and LTD. Everyone knows Fender means high-quality and standards. I’m here to talk to you about Fender’s budget Telecaster guitar, the made-in-China Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus. As I said, this is an affordable

Schecter Omen 6 Electric Guitar Review

Beginner Guitar HQ is reviewing the Schecter Omen 6 electric guitar. Schecter Guitar Research is a musical company that has exploded in popularity since the last decade. Their reputation is well earned, and I can say that from experience. They put out quality instruments for reasonable prices. Furthermore, their alternative represents powerful tonalities and looks

Jackson JS22 Review – The Budget-Friendly Metal Guitar

Everything about Jackson guitars is aggressive. The tone is as dark as their colors, and the price is good enough for regular musicians. The JS22 Dinky is the electric guitar that made Jackson popular for the common musician. Even though the company’s influence has slowly faded over the years, their guitars evenly compete against top

Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster Review

It is no secret that guitar companies have trouble keeping up with the times. Some definitely do it than others. Fender in particular is a perfect example of a brand that balances its historic past with a forward looking attitude of the future. That is why when Fender unveiled their Acoustasonic series to the public

American Special Telecaster Review 

Is it worth the money? Us mortal guitar players have heard over and over how good the American Fender instruments are. If you’ve done some digging, you’ve also seen how expensive the American Special Telecaster can get. Every musician, even beginner musicians, has some context on the quality of Fender. Even so, we might wonder:

The Squier Bullet Strat – Squier Bullet Series review

When we think of budget guitars, Squier always comes to mind. Squier by Fender is one of the kings of entry-level guitars, as they build instruments with the excellent Fender bodies and fits them with quality electronics and pickups. With great values in design, sound, and body, you can go wrong with the Squier Bullet

The Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster – Squier Classic Vibe Series review

Both Squier and Fender produce the Classic Vibe series, a very popular lineup of bass and electric guitars conserving the vintage feel, look and sounds of the original Fender instruments. There’s a twist, though. Fender and Squier add some modern retouches to these instruments, distinctive features that turn the Classic Vibe into such an attractive

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Review

Any mention of name John Mayer and the word ‘guitar’ and the mind swiftly conjures up an image of Mayer, complete with agonizing guitar face, and a Fender Stratocaster firmly in hand. He is well associated with the guitar, from look through to tone. In fact he has not one, but a number of signature

Fender American Ultra Stratocaster Review

There are very few guitars in the world that elicit such palpable responses as the Fender Stratocaster. It’s a guitar that is synonymous with the very idea of what an electric guitar should be. It is the guitarists guitar, a timeless classic. Released over 70 years ago, it is still as versatile and as unique

Squier Vintage Modified Series Review – Affordable and cool guitars

Squier by Fender currently has 7 different lineups. My favorite one is the Vintage Modified series of guitars and basses because it’s a perfect mix between the ‘60s and ‘70s looks and feels plus the advantages of modern electronics, pickups, and circuits. In summary, I would say the Vintage Modified household by Squier features sleek-looking

15 Best Metal Guitars

Looking for the best metal guitars? There are a lot of genres you’ll encounter during your time as a beginner guitarist. Jazz, blues, rock, folk, country, the list is endless. For the loudest, most aggressive of the bunch, you’ll want a good guitar for metal playing. Whether to create thick walls of sound for crunching

Squier Jaguar Bass Series Review

What’s so special about the Squier Jaguar bass? The Fender Jaguar bass is a very special instrument manufactured by Fender Japan and Fender Chine. The Squier by Fender Jaguar is a more affordable version of this modern bass, and I’m here to help you understand everything about the series. So I’m going to help you

Best Delay Pedals for Electric Guitars 

BeginnerGuitarHQ is reviewing the top 10 best budget delay pedals for electric guitars. This is a 2019 buyer’s guide for beginners’ guitar players. We’re going to share everything you need to know before buying your first delay pedal for electric guitar. Our buyer’s guide shares budget delay pedals for guitar with built-in footswitches, built-in looper,

Les Paul Gibson vs. Epiphone Guitar Review

Here is a question we’ve all heard time and time again. Possibly one of the most debated topics on guitar forums across the world. As guitar players, most of us are keen at some point in our playing career to own a Les Paul and channel our inner Slash or Jimmy Page. A proper Gibson

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V Electric Guitar Review

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we aim to help you learn to become a great guitarist. When learning this valuable skill, you need the equipment to go with it, so we put together helpful reviews that’ll give you a head start in deciding what’s right for you! In this important guide, I’ll talk you through the Yamaha Pacifica

Best Electric Guitar for Beginners – A Detailed Buyer Guide

I’ve heard you want to play some electric guitar. Well, all right, then. I’m here to help you pick the perfect electric guitar for you if you’re on a budget and want to learn.  This Beginners Guitar HQ guide is aimed both for beginner and people looking to save some money. If you don’t want