How to Make Your Chord Changes Faster

I remember the first while that I played guitar, chord changes were something I struggled with. You aren’t alone in this department by any means. Guitar chords, whether open or barred, are not really natural shapes to our hands for the most part. On top of that, you still need to learn to be precise

How to Connect Guitar to Computer: Recording Your Music

Gone are the days when you needed to go into a studio and pay expensive rates to record your music. Technology has become affordable and accessible enough that you can do that from the comfort of your own home. With a bit of practice and a good ear, you can produce high quality recordings to

How to Play the CSus2 Guitar Chord

Suspended chords have a delicious dissonance about them. They instantly turn a basic chord progression into something a little more interesting. Whether you use CSus2 in place of C or Cm, or resolve to either of those, it’s an easy way to add some complexity to your songs. Best of all, CSus2 is actually an

How to Play the G6 Chord and When to Use It

The G6 chord is one of those that are actually quite easy in its most basic shape, but adds that little something to the music. One of the songs that I’m most familiar with using G6 is Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Biskit. They use it throughout the song. As you’ll see, there are a

How to Play 7th Chords on Guitar

Seventh chords are without question something you’ve heard if you’ve ever listened to Jazz and Blues music. In fact, many other genres like rock, hip-hop, R&B, and soul incorporate these chords to some degree. But what are they, and how can you start playing them? This is something that we’ll uncover as you read on.

How Many Strings Does A Guitar Have?

Six-string guitars are everywhere. These are standard guitars and most people learn to play on one of these and some never stray. Then I’m sure you’ve seen the 12-string guitars. The acoustic 12-strings usually have a full, crisp sound. If you’re here asking how many strings does a guitar have, clearly you know there are

25 Best Guitar Exercises That Will Make You a Better Guitar Player

Here you will find guitar exercises that will challenge you to build a deeper connection with your guitar and advance through your musical journey. Being a guitar player is fun and fulfilling. You have the complete power in your hands to create and express your true self. But sometimes it can be frustrating. There may

Guitar Triad Shapes For Beginners

Understanding how chords work, especially for guitar might feel somewhat overwhelming. However, look no further than your guitar triads for shedding some light on this mystery! Triads are a necessary component of many of our favorite and most commonly-used major and minor chords. In fact, you might say they not only lay the foundation for

Dmaj7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Are you in search of some nice smooth and jazzy chords to add to your chord repertoire? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Dmaj7 chord is one of those particular chords that produce this type of sound. As you read onward, we’ll cover how to start playing this chord, as well as some

Introduction to the 7 Major Guitar Modes

Are you looking to take your fretboard knowledge and improvisational skills up a notch? Then guitar modes have got you covered! While it’s not completely necessary to learn any theory on the guitar to be an excellent musician or songwriter, it can only enhance your ability in following through with these endeavors. As you read

How to Find Chords in Scales

If you’ve been learning to play lead or classical guitar, chances are you’ve been introduced to scales. While they can become boring, they really are the basics of music. Now you want to play rhythm guitar and need to know what chords are in the scale. It’s not as simple as just taking all the

Gmaj7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you’re looking for some smooth-sounding chords with a rich sound, our major seventh chords have you covered. The Gmaj7 chord, in particular, is a great chord for getting started with these seventh chords, as well as getting your feet wet with some more challenging barre chords. As you read on, we’ll cover how the

Fm7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you’re looking for some fun and smooth-sounding chords to add to your chord repertoire, then look no further than our seventh chords. In fact, the Fm7 chord happens to be one of these excellent-sounding chords that can add some nice color and variation to your chord progressions. So how exactly do these “seventh chords”

Playing the Minor Guitar Chord

Minor guitar chords are an excellent way to capture the contrast from happy to sad within a chord progression, build tension, and tell a story without words. As you can imagine, they’re pretty important, and also a great way to get started with learning more about guitar and the music theory surrounding it. As you

Fmaj7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you’re looking to add more color to your chord repertoire, then look no further than our seventh chords. In fact, the Fmaj7 is one of these chords excellent for creating that bluesy aethstetic, or building tension within a chord progression. But what is a seventh chord, and how can you start using them? As

Fm Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you’re looking for moody melancholy chords to spice up your chord progressions, look no further than your F minor guitar chord, or just “Fm” for short. Slipping in minor chords such as this can be an excellent way of helping convey more emotion within a chord progression, like telling a story. As you read

How to Play the F#7 Guitar Chord

The F#7 chord is one of many great-sounding seventh chords you can play on the guitar. In fact, many popular songs you probably know use these seventh chords. Songs like, “Jeff Buckley’s – Hallelujah”, “John Lennon’s – Imagine”, and even “Frank Sinatra’s – Fly Me To The Moon” use these colorful chords. As you read

How to Play the Cmaj7 Guitar Chord

If you’re looking to add some new and colorful chords to your musical repertoire, then look no further! Your Cmaj7 chord is one of many seventh chords and is relatively easy for beginners to start using. As you continue reading, we’ll cover how to play it, how it works, and additional information that will help

How to Play the D7 Guitar Chord

Seventh Chords are an excellent way to spice up your chord progression by giving it a different, more “Jazzy” aesthetic. Your D7 chord on the guitar is no different! As you read on, we’ll dissect this smooth-sounding guitar chord, and how you can incorporate it into your practice routine. Let’s dive in! How to Play

How to Play Em7 Guitar Chord

Seventh chords are a great way to spice up any chord progression. They might sound somewhat intimidating and complex just by the name, but that’s just on the surface! In fact, seventh chords can be easy to add to your chord repertoire, and fun to play! Today we’ll be going over the Em7 chord, how

How to Play Major Pentatonic Scale Guitar

Nothing is quite as distinctly pleasing as the pentatonic scale in terms of sound, and playability. Many popular songs like “John Newton – Amazing Grace”, “Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven”, and even “Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can’t Stop” all use this scale. So how can you start? As you read on, we will

How to Play the Minor Pentatonic Scale

Of every type of scale you can play on the guitar, one that has really stuck with me is the pentatonic scale. Songs like Amazing Grace, Cotton Eyed Joe, and the iconic Led Zeppelin hit Stairway to Heaven all use it. The pentatonic scale has a very unique, and pleasant sound – but even better,

How to Play the Ebm Guitar Chord – Charts and Fingering

The Ebm guitar chord, a.k.a E flat minor, is one of the rarer chords. There are only a few keys that naturally contain Ebm. Of course, it can always be borrowed from one of those keys in a song that’s in a more common key to add some spice to the mix. Having said that,

How to Play the Melodic Minor Scale on the Guitar

The melodic minor scale is an interesting scale and not only because it’s one of three different minor scales. It has such an interesting sound to it thanks to the raised sixth and seventh intervals. But not just that, you don’t play it the same way down as you play it up, at least in

How to play F#dim Guitar Chord

F#dim is one of those chords, that in my opinion, doesn’t sound great on its own. But when used in the right way, it adds a dark kind of tension that adds some drama to a song. Usually, it’s used as a bridge between two other chords so that the tension resolves. But because of

Mixing and Mastering – What’s the Difference?

Mixing and mastering are two crucial end-steps to producing a completed work. A common misconception, however, is that both of these terms are interchangeable, and therefore, result in them being glossed over and forgotten. This article aims to help you understand their importance, and why both steps deserve much-needed attention. Mixing and Mastering – What’s

23 Tips On How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time

Singing and playing guitar might look easy when you’re watching someone else perform; until you try it yourself. Getting your hands, ears, and voice to coordinate is something that takes practice and skills, but I firmly believe any guitar player can do it if they put their minds to it. Here are 23 tips on

How to Remember the 6 Guitar String Names and Order

Mastering the “Six Stringed Behemoth” can be a challenge that requires a lot of time and devotion. When you take the time to learn the names of each string, you bring yourself one step closer to being a better guitarist! Let’s dive in! Why Are the Names of Each String Important? The Six Strings of

Gain Explained – What is Gain and How To Use It

Once upon a time, in the days of analog, gain had a single meaning. Now In the digital era, musicians have experimented with many different ways of not only creating it, but also defining what it is. As a result, it’s become one of those catch-all audio terms that can be difficult to understand as

How to Master Guitar Fretboard Notes

Getting to know the guitar fretboard notes opens a lot of musical doors, especially paired with a bit of music theory. I say this because you’ll see things that you didn’t know were possible, or just get ideas that you hadn’t thought of before. A lot of guitarists get by with no knowledge of music

How to Read Guitar Sheet Music

Working off of tabs is perfectly fine, but if you want to level up a bit or you’ve developed an interest in classical guitar, sheet music is a good thing to learn. It’s not that you only find classic guitar pieces in guitar sheet music, you do find it in tabs too. But this is

Reverb vs. Delay – What’s the Difference Between Them?

One of the funnest parts of learning electric guitar is playing around with the differences between popular effects. Distortion. Chorus. Tremolo. These can all help you push the barriers of a traditional “clean” guitar tone as you develop your own unique sound. But with so many effects to choose from, it’s easy to get confused

How to Play Songs with Odd Time Signatures

Odd time signatures are great techniques that help songs sound ‘outside-the-box’. Initially, playing songs in odd times may feel robotic, or more like studying mathematics than learning music. However, after reading this guide, you’ll be able to learn and play songs in odd time signatures, and you may even find that an ‘odd’ time signature

How Hard is it to Learn Guitar

How hard is it to learn guitar? This is a question that a lot of people ask. It can be daunting to learn a new instrument and you want to know if you have the time and energy to sink into the process. This is definitely a consideration when you need to buy a guitar

How to Learn Guitar Without a Teacher

Want to learn guitar without a teacher? While I used to have a piano teacher and currently have a violin teacher, I taught myself to play guitar for the most part. When I say, for the most part, I mean that a friend of a family friend showed me how to play A and D.

Nylon vs Steel Strings for Guitar- Pros and Cons

Today’s battle? Nylon vs steel strings for guitar. This is a pretty common question people have when first starting out on the guitar. Or perhaps you’ve been playing on someone else’s guitar and want to get your own or need to buy new strings and aren’t sure which type of strings to get. Ideally, this

Flanger vs. Phaser – What’s the Difference?

One of the most exciting parts of learning electric guitar is experimenting with different effects. Whether it’s adding rockabilly-style delay vs. metal-friendly distortion, effects are the cornerstones of many music genres. Flanger and phaser are two of the most popular effects from the psychedelic era –– and beyond. They’re both characterized by swirling, sweeping noises.

Orkney Tuning Guide

Alternate tunings are some of the best ways to take your guitar playing to the next level. They can help you experiment with new chords and melodies that aren’t always possible in standard tuning. There are hundreds of alternate tunings out there. Some, like Drop D, are widely used. Others are a bit more niche.

How to Play the Whole Tone Scale on Guitar

As a beginner guitar player, you probably started off by learning the major, (natural) minor and pentatonic scales. After all, these are the most common ones in the Western world. They’re easy to learn and can be transposed (moved up or down) to any key. They’re also used in most genres of guitar music. But

Open G Tuning Guide

You’ve been playing guitar for a while now. You know your basic chords and scales. You’ve even memorized a few songs to whip out at parties. But now you’re looking for a new challenge. In this case, it might be time to unlock some alternate tunings. Most popular guitar songs are written in standard tuning.

Guitar Keys –– The Ultimate Guide

At a jam session, you might hear the singer ask the band to play a song in something like the “key of G” or the “key of D minor”. But what exactly are keys? Simply put, keys are a collection of notes and chords that sound good together. A lot of guitar players think of

Open D Tuning Guide

If you’re new to guitar, chances are you’ve only been playing in standard tuning. This is when you tune your… 6th string to low E 5th string to A 4th string to D 3rd string to G 2nd string to B 1st string to high E Standard tuning has been the go-to for popular music

What is Guitar Intonation (and How to Improve It)

Guitar intonation is the way that the instrument is in tune with itself, along the entire neck. Intonation is something that affects basses, guitars and almost any fretted instrument that has a bridge and strings, and can make a massive difference in the way your guitar sounds – making or breaking whether you sound good

Yousician Guitar Review – Interactive, Video Game Style Lessons

Learning guitar shouldn’t be a chore. After all, it’s called “playing” for a reason! It should be just as fun as playing sports. Or better yet, video games…. Enter Yousician. This Finnish company first made waves in 2010 with their popular Guitar Tuna tuning app. Then, in 2014, they launched a music teaching app for

Improving Your Guitar – Truss Rod Adjustment

Have you been noticing that you’ve been getting a little fret buzz as of late? How about your strings – do they feel like they’re a little too far from the fretboard? Are you finding it hard to fret a note, or is the playability of your guitar less than ideal? If you’ve recently changed

How to Master Alternate Picking

As a beginner guitarist, it’s tempting to pick every single note in a downstroke. But experienced players know that alternate picking is the best way to up your game. This classic, staccato style picking uses a combination of alternate downstrokes and upstrokes. This way, you can easily play at lightning speed. It’s also more versatile

25 Must-Know Guitar Facts

You’ve been playing guitar for a while now. But how well do you really know this iconic instrument? Ace your next trivia night (or just impress your friends) with these fascinating facts –– covering everything from ancient instruments to legendary players to the latest World Records. Popularity Guitar Facts Chuck Berry’s 1956 hit “Roll Over

How to Barre Chords – Play Barre Chords like a Pro

For beginner guitarists (and even experienced players), barre chords can feel like a major pain in the…hand. After all, they’re one of the trickiest voicings to master. Barre chords are a necessary evil. They can teach you how to play anything –– from a B Chord to a Cm to an E♭maj7  It may not

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Gone are the days when your only options to learn guitar are to: Lug your gig bag to your local music studio every Thursday night or Listen to your favorite songs on repeat until you figure out the crazy solos. Online guitar lessons are the easy, affordable third option. Even before social distancing, they were

ArtistWorks Review – Premium Online Guitar Lessons

In 2008, an AOL executive named David Butler wanted to learn jazz guitar. But he couldn’t find any decent lessons in his area. So, he and his wife Patricia decided to build an online platform – where anyone could learn an instrument at their own pace and get personalized feedback. It may be a relative