The Best Bluetooth Guitar Amp for Your Budget

If you love to practice to music without other musicians physically there, a Bluetooth guitar amp is perfect for that. If you hate lugging around effects pedals but love having effects, generally you’ll find Bluetooth amps that come with a range of effects onboard. While you may be worried that only mini amps come with

The Top 20 Mini Guitar Amps For Every Budget

Mini guitar amps, also known as practice amps, are very useful. They’re highly portable and take up less space than a regular amp. Of course, if you do gigs, a regular amp is best, although there are ways to get around that. But for traveling and playing at home, a mini amp works just fine.

Marshall Code 50 Guitar Amp Review

Marshall has been spoiling professional, beginner, and intermediate musicians for decades. The UK-based musical gear manufacturer is a top-tier audio device brand. Despite that, they know how to create superb affordable choices, and the Marshall Code 50 is a perfect example of what I said. The Marshall Code lineup came up in 2016, so it’s

Orange Crush 35rt Guitar Amp Review

We’re reviewing the Orange Crush 35rt guitar amplifier. We expect a big, bag, loud combo amplifier for rock and metal genres from the British amplifier manufacturer. For example, Orange’s Terror series of mini tube amplifier heads deserve a place at the top of any metal amplifier chart.  Recently, the company has expanded its offer to

Vox amPlug Review

We come with a shorter review than usual. The Vox amPlug is our main protagonist this time around. If you don’t know what this is, take a peek: The Vox amPlug is somehow a gimmick product with limited potential and extra marketing. However, it can be helpful for players looking for portable and cheap amplifying

Pignose Amp Review 

Most portable amps sit in an odd category between toys and hands-on solutions for solo performers. You would be right to think these models can’t pack anything too different from their competitors. So, is the Pignose amplifier worth it above, say, Marshall portable amps? Here’s the deal: the Pignose amp looks radically different from any

Fender Champion 100 Guitar Amp Review

Can a huge solid-state amplifier be any good? Moreover, can a fairly-priced Fender guitar amplifier be, at least, decent? That’s what we’re going to find out on our Fender Champion 100 review.  The Fender Champion 100 is known as a great pick for people looking for a cheap, versatile, and reliable amplifier.  It’s a modeling

The Best Small Tube Amp

Despite solid-state and even digital modeling amps having been around for several years now (and sounding pretty damn good), we guitarists just can’t seem to get enough of that vintage tubey goodness. Maybe it just can’t be beaten, maybe there’s a bit of snobbery going on (to be honest, it’s probably a bit of both),

Vox Pathfinder 10 Guitar Amp Review 

Vox, the reputed British amplifier company, has more to offer aside from expensive tubular solutions. In this particular bracket, we found the Vox Pathfinder 10, a solid-state guitar amplifier. Right out of the bat, we find it packs a lot of bang for the buck. Coming from one of the top amplifier manufacturers, this is

Bugera TriRec Head Amp Review

Bugera is one of the first, and one of the single manufacturers still producing budget tubular guitar amplifiers. The Bugera Trirec is not an example of what the brand usually offers, though. Whereas Bugera lives as a budget-minded builder of hand-made tubular amps, the Trirec model falls into the boutique category. It has everything going

Marshall MG15CFX Electric Guitar Amp Review

Marshall Amps needs no extra introduction, but perhaps the Marshall MG15CFX does. It’s a budget solid-state amp coming from the brand that empowers the likes of Joe Perry, Angus Young, Slash, Jimmy Page, James Hetfield, Steph Carpenter, Joe Perry, and more. However, Marshall doesn’t only build amplifiers for superstars. The MG15CFX model goes towards young

Fender Hot Rod Deville Guitar Amp Review 

If you read “Fender” on the brand, you know it’s something good. Add 60-watts of tubular power and you’ll end with a pricy, premium item. As such, the Fender Hot Rod Deville is a top-tier offering by the legendary musical gear brand. We’ve reviewed many Fender guitars, and we even named Fender as one of

Best Marshall Mini Amp for Electric Guitar 

Marshall, as the creators of the first 100-watts combo amplifier, knows a thing or two about guitar loudspeakers. But we’re not here to talk about their meanest and biggest models: Instead, we’re discussing the best Marshall mini amps you can buy right now. There’s nothing sweeter than plugging your guitar into the loudest amp you

Orange Crush 12 Guitar Amp Review 

Orange amplifiers come from the UK. As such, you can expect the creamy British Invasion rock coming out of their loudspeakers. That said, we’re reviewing the modest Orange Crush 12, an entry-level solid-state guitar amplifier that serves as a first-timer gear. The brand’s amplifier range has a top-tier reputation. That’s because legendary rock players have

Blackstar HT1 Guitar Amp Review 

Despite the name of our site, there’s more to talk about around here than guitars. One of our goals is highlighting top-value musical gear in every market segment, from premium to budget alternatives. The latter is where the Blackstar HT1 comes into play, as an affordable combo amplifier for electric guitars.  The Blackstar company is

The Best Blues Amp for Electric Guitar

Let’s start by saying “blues” is a near-extinct musical genre. At least regarding commercial success. Various decades have passed since blues musicians have topped the charts or hit the radio. Why would you need the best blues amp, then? We know the answer. You’re looking for perfection, as you are a bluesman or a blueslady

Roland JC 120 Guitar Amp review

We’ve reached the crown jewel of solid-state amplifiers. The Roland JC 120 is the definitive sound of the ’80s rock era. With maybe the best clean in the music industry, the “Jazz Chorus” guitar amp traveled across many stages. It’s part of the main gear for artists James Hetfield, John Frusciante, Andy Summer, Eddie Vedder,

Blackstar ID: Core 10 Guitar Amp Review 

When reviewing the best solid-state amps for electric guitar, we’ve always mentioned the ID: Core series. Now, we’ve got the smallest entry of the lineup, the Blackstar ID: Core 10 watts. Blackstar Amplification is a UK enterprise. Their amplifiers come with wide tonal ranges to help you “find the sound in your head.” In music-industry

VHT Special 6 Guitar Amp Review

Behold, the mother of quality amp manufacturing: hand-wired valves. The VHT Special 6 is a hand-wired guitar amplifier series. In particular, you might be looking for the guitar head & cabinet; or the combo amplifier.  We’re talking about both options in this article, as they share similar threads. In specific, we’re looking at hand-wired valve

Danelectro Honeytone Mini Guitar Amp Review

The world of mini guitar amplifiers is not as rich as it could be. In essence, there’s not a huge market for portable amplifiers, so brands making these items tend to shine. That’s where the Danelectro Honeytone mini guitar amp comes into play. Its price tag should say enough. A quick glimpse at the device

The Best Guitar Practice Amp

While everybody loves to jam with their friends and play gigs to sold-out crowds, ultimately guitar players spend most of their time practicing on their own. And if you want to get the most out of your practice sessions, it’s important to have a dedicated guitar practice amp. Amps designed for playing loud, like big

Bugera G5 Head Amp Review 

Today’s article reviews the Bugera G5 Infinium Head Amp. The Infinium head is a bedroom amp with plenty of tricks on a simple case. The G5 packs the size and the weight for maximum convenience. More so, it favors budget musicians with an affordable price tag. Bugera is known for vintage aesthetics on their amps. 

Best Bass Amp

In the realm of electrified string instruments, electric guitar often gets most of the attention when it comes to the diversity of tones that classic amps can bring to the table. But a player choosing the best bass amps to suit their needs is just as important for bass guitarists as it is for any

Vox AC4 Electric Guitar Amp Review

Today, we’re looking at one of the only modern amps capable of delivering the same Top Boost and British Drive tone musicians loved so much about the AC30. We’re reviewing the AC4 Classic Limited Edition, also known as the Vox AC4C1-12. The Vox AC4 family of tubular electric guitar amps are the compact, available, and

10 Best Jazz Guitar Amplifiers

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we’re just as keen on helping you craft your tone as we are your playing style. Some guitarists want to learn how to shred through a speedy metal solo, while some want to strum some chords gently on an acoustic guitar, but there are some that want to fill their repertoire with extended

Best Combo Amps for Electric Guitar 

Beginner Guitar HQ is helping you select your new combo amp from our selection of the top 7 combo amps you can buy right now. There’re tube, solid-state, hybrid, and all-digital modeling amps in our guide. The important factor we considered was how much quality each amp delivers for the amount of money they cost.

Fender Mustang 1 Review

Digital technologies have allowed some major improvements regarding what solid-state guitar amplifiers can provide. The old adage saying “tube amps are always better” might no longer be true. More so, tube amps are commonly twice or 3 times the cost of a solid-state amp, so you wouldn’t find a true budget alternative on this particular

Best Metal Amps

Looking for the best metal amps? You’re in good company. Nowadays, I’ve come to the conclusion that the amp and the guitar player himself (or herself) are more important than the actual guitar. Why? Because of two reasons: first of all, budget guitars are becoming better and better as digital and electronic technologies advance. See,

ToneWoodAmp Review – Reimagining the Acoustic Guitar

One of the best things about the acoustic guitar is it’s portability- the ability to take your guitar out wherever you go, pull it out on the fly and play some tunes. The one downside to this is the acoustic’s lack of effects. An acoustic always sounds like, well, an acoustic! An electric guitar has

Best Acoustic Guitar Amp

Whenever you want to play live with your electro-acoustic guitar or rehearse with a band, you’d probably want an acoustic guitar amp. You may have never seen an acoustic-electric guitar amp before because there’s not a whole lot of information about it out there. Lucky for you, Beginner Guitar HQ is here to guide you

Tube Amps vs. Solid State: How to Choose the Right Amp

One question that plagues many guitar players of all levels is what type of amp to buy. As you start your journey of tone you’ll hear the words tube (or valve) and solid state used to describe amps, but what do these terms really mean. Let’s break down the types of amplifiers that fit into

Best Guitar Headphone Amp

Guitar practice sessions might not be as simple as you might think. The thing is, you have to consider the noise allowance of people around you among other things. Of course, you need a guitar amp to practice, but choosing the best guitar amp that affords you the use of your headphones is critical. This

Best Roland Cube Amps

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we aim to help you learn to become a great guitarist. When learning this valuable skill, you need the equipment to go with it, so we put together helpful reviews that’ll give you a head start in deciding what’s right for you! In this important guide, I’ll talk you through the best Roland

Best Marshall Amplifiers

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we aim to help you learn to become a great guitarist. When learning this valuable skill, you need the equipment to go with it, so we put together helpful reviews that’ll give you a head start in deciding what’s right for you! In this important guide, I’ll talk you through the best Marshall

Best Solid State Amps for Electric Guitar

There are basically four kinds of electric guitar amplifiers: tube amps, hybrid amps, modeling amps, and solid-state amps. If you’re a beginner guitar player, I can forgive you for not knowing about this. See, what I call “solid-state” amps you may simply known as the everyday, standard guitar amplifiers. And fear not, as I’m here

Best Tube Amps for Electric Guitar

I’m here to help you pick something amazing we call tubular amplifier, valve tube amplifier, or vacuum tube amplifier. Let’s just make it simpler and call them tube amps for electric guitars. A tube amplifier is an electronic amp that uses vacuum tubes to increase the signal’s power. We’ll be looking more into that later

The Best Guitar Amp: 15 Guitar Amps You’ll Love

Whether you’re finally making the switch for acoustic guitar to electric guitar, or simply looking to upgrade your old starter kit guitar amp, there’s a lot to choose from. From small, 10w digital modelling amps that could almost fit in a backpack, to full-on, hair-raising 100w stacks that can pack out a stadium, electric guitar