Gm Chord Guitar – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

As a beginner, it’s relatively common for us to explore the various Major and minor chords, due to their simplicity and contrasting harmonies. Therefore, it’s likely that you’ve already learned how to play the G Major chord on the guitar. However, today, we’ll cover its minor counterpart, the G minor chord. There are many widely

C9 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

You’ve likely heard of the various kinds of seventh chords you can play on the guitar, but what exactly makes a ninth chord different? As you read on, we’ll be diving deeper into the C9 guitar chord, and its composition, and revealing how we can play it right away! Let’s dive in! How to Play

Eb Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

The Eb chord is relatively simple, yet adds a slight challenge to beginner guitarists. In fact, this chord has been widely used across many popular hits, like “Weezer’s – Say It Ain’t So”, and “Queen’s – You Take My Breath Away”. Most often, however, you’ll find songs playing in Eb tuning, like “Guns N’ Roses

The C9 Chord: Diagrams and Fingerings

When exploring musical possibilities, adding in what my teacher likes to call “expensive chords” really takes ordinary chord progressions and turns them into something special. The C9 chord is one such chord. It has a very bluesy jazzy funky sound to it. While it sounds great in either of these genres, you can insert it

C Diminished Chord: How and When to Play It

Diminished chords in and of themselves can be difficult to listen to. That’s because diminished chords by themselves aren’t the most pleasant sounding. They sound dissonant and in my opinion, ugly. But when used correctly in conjunction with other chords, they make a chord progression more interesting. That’s because they add tension. They also sound

How to Play the F#m Chord: Easy, Medium, and Hard

The F#m chord, pronounced F sharp minor, seems like an intimidating guitar chord at first glance, especially if you’ve just mastered the more simply named major and minor chords. But believe it or not, chords with accidentals (# and ♭) can be played in a variety of ways. Some of these versions are actually quite

Gsus4 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Maybe you’ve just listened to a great song like, “Tom Petty’s – Free Fallin’”, “The Beatles’ – Hey Jude”, or even “The Police – Roxanne”, hearing these really sweet-sounding sus chords, fueling your desire to learn more about them. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’ll be going over the Gsus4 chord, how

Gm7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Minor chords are an excellent way to capture that moody, and melancholy vibe in your songs. However, adding that seventh note, making it a minor seventh chord, can bring about a completely different feeling! Much is the case with other seventh chords, like our major, diminished, half-diminished, or even augmented seventh chords. However, today we’ll

Cdim Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Learning diminished guitar chords can be a very fun and effective way of broadening your horizons, improving your finger strength, muscle memory, fretboard knowledge, and the list goes on! The Cdim guitar chord is a nice and challenging chord that can work as an excellent segway into other diminished, or augmented guitar chords. As you

How to Play the Bm Chord: Easy, Medium, and Hard

The Bm chord is one of those chords that I found a little daunting in the beginning. At the time, I only knew of the open chord and the barre chord in the seventh fret. When I first learned how to play barre chords, I could play only in barre chords and only in open

How To Play The Happy Birthday Guitar Chords?

Learning guitar can be tough. It can take months to play your first barre chords, or a full year to finally understand what the major scale is. One of the easiest ways to learn the guitar is by playing songs. You can do so by ear, which means you find the chords and the rhythm

Emaj7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Seventh chords are a great way to breathe some life and character into an otherwise dull-sounding chord progression! Used across hits like, “The Beatles – Something”, “Metallica – Nothing Else Matters”, and even “The Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. In fact, the Emaj7 chord in particular is an excellent segway into more

F Major Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Are you new to guitar chords, and are looking to bolster your chord repertoire? Then you’ve come to the right place! When playing from the open-note position, you’ll find that Major chords like our F Major chord, require very little effort to play, making it an excellent chord to get your feet wet with. As

C#m7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

One of the fantastic ways of spicing up your progression is through the included use of seventh chords. Minor seventh chords, like our C#m7 chord, in particular, are great at supplying this smooth and sophisticated vibe often heard in jazz music. Furthermore, the C#m7 chord supplies a little bit of challenge to beginner guitarists, who

F#m7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Are you looking for some smooth and sophisticated-sounding chords to add to your chord repertoire? Then you’ve come to the right place! The F#m7 is a wonderfully jazzy guitar chord, offering a little bit of challenge for beginners, but nonetheless a great sound. As you read on, we’ll cover how you can play this chord,

Bm7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Tired of using the same old chords in your chord progressions? Then you’re in luck! Seventh chords, like our Bm7 chord, are excellent for applying a smooth, sophisticated and jazzy aesthetic to your chord progressions. More importantly, this chord is an easy one to pick up and add to your chord repertoire! As you read

Dsus4 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Tired of playing the same old chords, and are looking for something interesting and new to spice things up? Then your “sus” chords have got you covered! In fact, the Dsus4 chord in particular sounds wonderful when paired together with another chord, you might already know; D major. As you read on, we’ll go over

Dm Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Learning chords can be an excellent way of bolstering your skills on the guitar, as every musician pretty well uses them! In fact, as a beginner who is learning chords, it’s very likely that you’ve at least learned a little about different major guitar chords. However, what about what’s on the other side of the

F7 Chord Guitar – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you want to add some nice color and variation to your chord progressions, look no further than your seventh chords. In fact, we’re going to go over a particular type of seventh chord; a dominant seventh chord, F7. As you read on, we’ll cover how you can start playing this chord, and some music

G# Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Are you looking to add more major chords to your repertoire? Unlike its minor counterpart, the G# major guitar chord is one of the warmer and happier-sounding chords you can play on the guitar. As you read onward, we’ll go over how it works, and how you can start using this chord today. Let’s dive

How to Play Dsus2 Guitar Chord

Have you been searching for the right transitional chord to give a feeling of “space” or “openness”? Then look no further than your sus chords. In fact, your Dsus2 chord has been used in many popular songs, such as John Mayer’s hit Free Fallin’, Bryan Adams – Summer of ‘69, The Beatles – Ticket to

How to Play Open D Chords

There are many excellent tunings to mess around with on your guitar, however, none sound quite as beautiful as the open D tuning. When changing your tuning, it’s very easy to feel lost as a lot can change on the fretboard, making the task of playing beautiful melodies and chord progressions all the more difficult.

How to Play the A7 Guitar Chord

Seventh chords have such an interesting sound and can really add some color and character to a chord progression. The A7 chord is no exception and is very easy to learn, and add to your musical repertoire! Let’s go over it in further detail, and learn how you can start using the A7 chord today!

How to Play the G7 Guitar Chord

Are you looking to expand your chord repertoire on the guitar? Then you’re in luck! The G7 chord is one of the many seventh chords you may learn on the guitar, and more importantly, it’s fairly easy to play! For beginners, this is an excellent chord to get yourself started before learning other seventh chords

How to Play Chords in the Key of C

The key of C is where beginners tend to start, and an excellent place to begin practicing songs. So, why not learn the chords that flow together within the key of C? It only sounds logical, right? As you read on, we will cover what these chords are, and some music theory pertaining to that.

 How to Play the E7 Guitar Chord

Seventh chords are an amazing way to provide a fuller sound with more character, but for those who don’t understand them, they might be somewhat intimidating. Learning how to play the E7 chord can be easy, fairly rewarding, and fun! As you read on you’ll not only understand how this chord works, but how you

Best Chord Progression Generator

The internet has many valuable tools for musicians. As both a rhythm guitarist and a songwriter, one of my favorite products of the digital age is the chord progression generator (CPG). Using CPGs has helped me expand my musical knowledge AND experiment with some kick*ss riffs I’d never have come across otherwise If you’re reading

G#m Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

As a beginner, learning to form a barre chord can be a challenging and painful experience for your fingers. With enough practice, however, it gets easier! You’ll come to find that G#m sounds best as one of these barre chords, and offers you a ton of flexibility as these can be formed from multiple positions

Bb Chord Guitar – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Learning chords can be incredibly beneficial to musicians alike, whether you’re learning theory, building finger strength and dexterity, or just looking for more colors to add to your musical palette. The Bb chord is no exception and may help you achieve any one of these goals. Intrigued? Well, let’s dive in! Why Learn Different Guitar

Learning the Caged System Guitar

In music, patterns are a fairly common occurrence that brings some “order” to something that otherwise might seem pretty complicated! The CAGED System is no different and can be quite the resource for familiarizing yourself with chord shapes and how notes on the fretboard relate to one another. Let’s dive in! The CAGED System in

How to Play the Cm7 Guitar Chord Easy, Medium, and Hard

The Cm7 guitar chord, like all minor seventh chords, has that beautiful jazzy sound. It’s not to say that minor seventh chords are only present in jazz although you’ll find them there a lot. They just fit in with jazz so well. But you’ll find them in pop, rock, blues, etc. Any time a little

Chord Progressions in the Key of E

Personally, I like the key of E. I like the chords in it and it’s a comfortable key for me to sing in. If you’re a beginner, some of the chords may be a little harder, but there are plenty of ways to play chords that may be easier. In any case, it’s nothing that

How to Transpose Chords

Transposing chords is a necessary skill to accommodate a singer’s vocal range. Especially on the fly. We can’t always get the music printed in a different key and it’s not always appropriate to use your phone, tablet, or laptop. So while it’s all good to use the transpose buttons on Ultimate Guitar or one of

Guitar Chord Chart – The Most Useful Guitar Chords

Bookmark this guitar chord chart page as you will probably find it very handy. Here we have detailed guitar chord charts of all major guitar chords including power chords, major chords, minor chords, sus2 chords, sus4 chords, major 7th, minor 7th, diminished 7th, add9 chords, add11 chords, augmented chords, diminished chords and more.  What are

How to Play the C7 Chord: Easy, Medium, Hard

Ah, the C7 chord. It’s full of tension, but in a beautiful way. It’s jazzy, but it fits into the blues, rock, pop, and so many other genres. This chord, like all other dominant seventh chords, is versatile and injects flavor into chord progressions that have become a little stale. It’s true, the C7 guitar

How to Play the Dm7 Guitar Chord Easy, Medium, and Hard

The Dm7 guitar chord is one of those that I feel is gentle with a jazzy flavor. Of course, as with all seventh chords, D minor seventh is used to introduce some tension, add some spice to the mix, and works well in turnarounds. Sounds a bit contradictory to my earlier impression of it being

Minor Chord Progressions for Writing Sad Songs

So many songs are written in major keys, especially in pop music. So when you hear one in a minor key, it’s quite noticeable. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is, you can just hear and feel that there’s something different. Often these songs in a minor key are some of the most

How to Play the C#m Guitar Chord

I quite like the C#m guitar chord. Minor chords by nature typically sound sad or poignant, but I feel that C#m sounds hopeful at the same time. In fact, depending on the chord progression, I don’t find it sad sounding. As complicated as the name, C sharp minor, sounds, it’s not actually that complicated to

15 Basic Guitar Chords To Get You Started

Learning guitar is exciting and fun. But it can also be confusing and frustrating, especially if you’re trying to play chords or riffs above your skill level. If you’re learning on your own, it can also be hard to know where to get started. And of course, it’s all good and well to learn chords,

How to Play the Am7 Guitar Chord: Easy, Medium, and Hard

As a beginner guitarist, I had this impression that any chord that had a number tacked onto the back of it was hard. To be fair, they can be. But many of them are actually quite easy to play, as is the case with Am7. The beauty about the guitar is that you can get

Power Chord Chart for Beginners

Looking for a power chord chart for beginners? A chord is a group of notes that are played simultaneously. These chords make an integral part of the songs. The chords make up one of the three integral parts of any music called Harmony, the other two being Melody and Rhythm. Any and all types of

When to Use Sus Chords – A Definitive Guide

As Axis of Awesome’s “Four-Chord Song” proves, you can play (almost) any popular guitar song with only a handful of major and minor chords. But what if you want to break out of the G-C-D-Em rut? Shake up a tired chord progression? Learn something new? This is when sus chords come in handy. Sus chords

How to Play Power Chords Like a Pro

Power chords are the key to unlocking many iconic guitar songs across genres and decades –– from Buddy Holly to Black Sabbath to Blink-182. The best part is, they’re not even that hard to play. They’re nowhere near as finger-cramping as barre chords. They’re even easier to fret than some open chords (looking at you,

Guitar Triads: What Are They And How To Use Them To Build Chords

Triads are some of the simplest chords that you can play on your guitar. The shapes are generally pretty easy, and as long as you aren’t playing any open strings, the basic shapes can be moved all over the neck to play different guitar chords of the same quality. Knowing where to find them on

Jazz Chords to Master: Jazz Chord Chart for Beginners

You’re able to play barre chords, you might’ve tried experimenting with your finger positioning, moving frets or taking fingers off. If you have, you’ll have found that the sound of the chord changes drastically with even small changes, unlocking a whole new dimension to your playing and to the chords that you choose to use

Spanish Guitar Chords to Master

Spanish guitar, or more commonly known as ‘flamenco’ guitar, is a unique style of playing using a nylon-strung guitar, which is usually a specialized flamenco instrument. The flamenco style of playing utilizes percussive strumming and fingerpicking technique, with an emphasis in fingerstyle plucking and ‘raking’. It is often high energy playing, accompanied traditionally by a

10 Bossa Nova Chords to Master: How to Play Bossa Nova on Guitar

I bet you’ve heard “Girl from Ipanema” by Sergio Mendes at least once in your life. It’s one of the most popular Bossa Nova songs ever, and Bossa Nova is a beautiful Brazilian version of American Jazz. Little did you know Girl From Ipanema is the second most played and covered song in the world

How to Play Dissonant Chords on Guitar

A lot of chords you’ll hear and play are diatonic, meaning they’re mostly going to sound ‘good’. However, eventually you’re going to want to add a bit of interest to what you’re playing by adding some non-diatonic notes into interesting places. In this important guide, I’ll talk you through the process of adding dissonance to

How to Play Major Chord Inversions on the Guitar

A lot of times I find guitar players running from one fretboard end to another just to play the major chords for a particular song while breaking unnecessary sweat. These can sometimes hamper the smooth transition as you move from one chord to the other. The chords will also sound unprofessional as you tend to

Three Famous Jazz Chord Progressions You Should Master

Jazz involves a lot of improvisation, which can be intimidating as a new guitar student. How do you improvise if you don’t know how chord progressions work? Can you play songs that have absolutely no structure when you’re new? Guitar sets and performances don’t always follow a strict progression. Instead, jazz musicians tend to use