The Best Microphone for Singing for Every Budget

Whether you’ve started a band or want to record music, you need a microphone. Good microphones will reproduce your voice well with minimal noise. Plus, a handy case for carrying the microphone to gigs in would be great. I’ll be going through the best microphone for singing in every budget. Not everyone can afford a

The Best Dynamic Microphone for Every Budget

You can’t go wrong with a dynamic microphone. They’re generally more affordable, ruggedly built, require no power source, and often have great sound quality. They’re good for gigs, they’re good for recording, all-rounders really. But finding a good quality microphone is still important. Today we’re looking at the best dynamic microphone for every budget. What

The Best Wireless Microphone

If anything like me, you hate wires. If you’re a musician and/or speaker that likes to use the whole stage or go into your audience, wires are annoying. You need to make sure you aren’t getting tangled or tripping (no one wants to face plant in public), you can only move so far, it just

What is the Best Condenser Mic? 12 Great Options

Choosing a new microphone for your home studio is a big deal. Not only is it a high-stakes game (because you want to make sure you choose a mic that knocks recordings out of the park), the number of choices available is paralyzing. Wisely, you’ve settled on a condenser microphone for their detailed top end

MXL V67G Condenser Mic Review

Today, we’re reviewing the MXL V67g condenser microphone. At first glance, the V67g is fancy-looking, even gorgeous. And yet, the price tag doesn’t seem right. Is it too good to be true? The Marshall Electronics’ subsidiary continues its dominance in the mid-level segment of audio devices. Although their products are affordable, we can consider MXL

What is the Best Microphone for YouTube? 

So you’ve decided to start a YouTube channel. Congrats! Or perhaps you’re already running one, but you’re looking to take things up a notch and upgrade your audio production level. Whatever the case, you’re going to need a decent mic for YouTube. Scratch that. You’re going to need the best microphone for YouTube. Why settle

The Best USB Microphone – 10 Top choices 

Choosing a new microphone is often a pretty tough decision. This is especially true if you’re new to the audio recording game, but even seasoned pros sometimes struggle to decide. The problem is, there are just way too many microphone choices these days. Even with something as specific as a USB mic (which are far

MXL 770 Studio Mic Review

MXL is a Marshall Electronics’ brand. It currently leads the pro audio gears and, in particular, the microphone segment. Today, we bring the MXL 770, one of the most popular condenser microphones in existence. Coming from their California headquarters, the MXL is an entry-level condenser microphone suited for home studios, podcast applications, voice recording, and

ATR2500 Condenser Microphone Review

Today, we’re reviewing the ATR2500 condenser microphone from Audio-Technica. We’ve reviewed the brand before to discover some of the best musical gear for your studio. The Audio-Technica Corporation comes from Japan. Their designs feature top-of-the-line electronics, flawless quality control, and advanced audio systems. Currently, they produce a wide array of professional audio gear, which includes

How To Choose The Best Recording Microphone

Let us start by saying congratulations. By reaching this point, you’ve taken the first step in turning your dreams into reality, from a few ideas or lyrics to a full-on recorded masterpiece. So, good on you. Of course, there’s still some work to do yet, namely figuring out which is the best recording microphone for

What is a Mic Preamp and How does it Work?

If you’re diving headfirst into the world of recording and professional audio production, you’ll be realizing pretty quickly that the learning curve is steep. There’s just so much tech involved that doesn’t exist in any other circles, and it can be pretty tough to get your head around it all, especially if your musical and

Guide to the Different Types of Microphones

So, you’re getting ready to buy your first mic, but you’re more than a little bit lost. What is a condenser mic? Which polar pattern do I need? What the hell does phantom power mean? There are a lot of questions to be answered before deciding on the perfect mic, and the most pressing of

AKG P420 Condenser Microphone Review 

Today, we’re taking a look at the AKG P420 microphone. This is a condenser microphone, otherwise known as studio mics for its ability to capture sounds with great detail and accuracy. At the same time, condenser mics are also lightweight and quite delicate, which is why you wouldn’t want to take them to a stage

MXL 990 Review – Affordable Condenser Microphone 

Are you building a home studio? Then you need a good condenser microphone. We’re here to review the MXL 990 cardioid condenser mic. The item stands as one of the most popular options on online retailers due to its price tag vs. value proposition. Condenser mics are better at picking up extra detail, accuracy, and

Sennheiser e935 Dynamic Vocal Mic Review 

Sennheiser Electronic is a german audio company known for producing top microphones and audio devices. If you’ve got a Sennheiser device on your hands, you know you have a highly reliable product. Their lineup includes microphones, smartphone peripherals (like earbuds), headphones, professional and business applications, and more.   Today, Beginner Guitar HQ is talking about the

Best Stage Microphones

Our selection of top 10 stage performance mics We’re listing the best budget and pro-choices mics for live vocals and instruments.  Here we will discuss two mic categories: Singing and backing vocal mics; Electric guitar cabinet mic, bass guitar cabinet mic, drum kit mic, etc. Albeit some mics are very versatile and multipurpose, we suggest

Best Home Studio Microphones 

As this is a beginner’s guide, we will talk about the best microphones for a home studio. It means we’re discussing two mic categories: Instrument recording & playing mic; Voice recording & singing; Of course, some of the mics are multipurpose. Additionally, if you need to look at some prior information about home studios, take

Audio-Technica AT2035 Review: A Microphone Perfect For Acoustic Guitar

Choosing a microphone for recording acoustic guitar can be overwhelming. There are so many at so many different price points with varying features and specifications. I mean, I’m exhausted just writing that sentence. That’s why I’d like to introduce the Audio-Technica AT2035. It’s affordable. It captures high-quality sounds. It’s great for home recording setups. In

Best Microphones For Recording Acoustic Guitar

Your acoustic guitar may sound great in a room, especially if it’s one of the best. But the question is how to get that same sound in a recording. That’s the job of a microphone — to record your guitar in a way that accurately translates the sound into your song. For that reason, we’ve