The Top 26 Female Drummers

Looking for the best female drummers? Personally, I don’t believe a distinction has to be made between genders when it comes to skill levels. But to be fair, drummers of the fairer sex are in the minority and these women are amazing at their craft. I love the drums. I have so much respect for

34 Rock Bands With Female Singers Worth Listening To

Here are 34 rock bands with female singers worth listening to, from the classics to newcomers. Whether you like ska, metal, pop punk, or classic rock, there’s something for everyone. Rock music is still seen as a predominantly male scene, but women have firmly cemented they are not going anywhere. As someone who was regularly

15 Famous Renaissance Composers to Inspire You

Ah, the renaissance period. It brought us great artists, scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, authors, poets and inventors like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, Rene Descartes, and Galileo. Renaissance means, rebirth. It was the period after the dark ages. While the art and science is most remembered from that time, it was also the era of some

Jack White Guitar Gear Guide

So you want to sound like Jack White. You’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll show you all the gear that Jack White’s guitar rig is made up of, as well as the gear that is readily available in today’s market to help you sound like him. Since the White Stripes released

Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Gear – How to Play Like Stevie Ray Vaughan

When it comes to blues and blues rock, it’s impossible to ignore Stevie Ray Vaughan. A legendary guitar hero, made all the more mythical by his short time in the spotlight, he was famous for his raw edge and aggressive playing and sound as well as his on-stage appearance. Stevie Ray Vaughan rescued blues in

How to Play Bass Guitar like Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney might just be the most famous bass player of all time. Beginning with his career in the Beatles and continuing through his careers with Wings and as a solo artist, McCartney has revolutionized the role of the bass in popular music, and changed the image of the bass guitar overall. Bassists today, in

David Gilmour Gear Guide

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour is one of the most influential guitarists in the history of the instrument. Over four decades of work, he’s expanded the possibilities of the instrument and shaped the minds of thousands of young players. Whether you’re just starting to learn guitar or you’re a seasoned pro, you can learn a lot

How To Play Like Jimmy Page: Jimmy Page Gear Guide

In the realm of guitar, there are certain players that rise through the charts to become iconic in their own right, these “Guitar Gods” are cause for much fascianation and imitation alike. Perhaps one of, if not the, most iconic Guitar God of all time is the guitarist for the band Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page.

How to Play Guitar Like Mark Tremonti – Gear, Technique, Tone, Tips

Mark Tremonti is a Grammy-winning guitarist/songwriter, and one of the most influential rock musicians of the 21st century. He is a lead guitarist of Alter Bridge and his solo project, Tremonti, and has been formerly known as the lead guitarist of Creed. He released 14 studio albums from 1997 until now, with the three mentioned

How to Play Guitar like Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is the popstar who can do it all: prolific songwriter, accomplished vocalist, and unique and dynamic guitar player. Other than perhaps John Mayer, in terms of sheer raw talent Sheeran all but eclipses his pop companions. Here is a man who sells out stadiums; with just his guitar and loop pedal. And not

How to Play Guitar like AC/DC

Over five-plus decades of international stardom, Australian rockers AC/DC have established themselves at the forefront of the blues rock and hard rock genres. The band’s raw, aggressive style took hard rock from a subgenre of classic rock as a whole to its own space at the center of the stage. Owing to their longevity and

How to Play Guitar Like the Beatles

Widely considered the greatest band of all time, the Beatles have earned their massive success based largely on their songwriting skills — all four members of the group both wrote and sang songs, and John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison are all regarded as some of the greatest composers in the history of modern

Ultimate John Frusciante Gear Guide

How to sound like this popular Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ guitar player on a budget? Celebrating John Frusciante’s return to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, we’re going to learn how about the gear of the famous Red Hot Chilli Peppers Guitar Player. This is an ultimate gear guide showing you how to sound like John Frusciante

How to Play Guitar Like Wes Montgomery

In the annals of jazz guitar, few players are as revered as Wes Montgomery. The Indianapolis native’s work fused swing and blues with the emerging bebop and hard bop styles of his heyday, creating a timeless style that influences countless players to this day. Montgomery, as many jazz players will tell you, created vast swaths

6 Best Female Guitarists of All Time

The most beautiful thing about music is that it transcends all boundaries. This is also the case for sex and gender. While you find men and women separated in sports, there is no need for such a distinction when playing an instrument. A man can play a guitar just as well as a woman and

How to Play Guitar Like Keith Richards

When you think of someone who is a through and through rock star, a few people probably come to mind. One of those people should be Keith Richards. Keith pretty much wrote the rule book on living loud and fast. Any of your favourite guitar heroes will all owe some form of gratitude to Keith

How To Play Like Famous Guitarists

There are always going to be people who inspire you as you learn how to play the guitar. Obviously, your overall goal will be to create a sound unique to yourself, and hopefully one day someone will recognize your personal sound as an influence on them, but in the meantime, it’s always fun to try