TrueFire Guitar Review – The Giant of Online Lessons

When it comes to online guitar lessons, it’s hard to beat TrueFire in numbers alone. Launched in 1991 as an audio series, TrueFire is now a website with 40,000+ video lessons, 900+ courses and 600+ educators – including famous musicians like Steve Vai, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Timmons and Robben Ford. With 500,000+ students across 200

A Pain-Free Guide to Playing Guitar with Small Hands

Ever feel like your hands are too small for playing guitar? I feel you. As an average size woman, my hands are a far cry from the giant paws of Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison and Stevie Ray Vaughan. But with a few minor adjustments, I’ve managed to keep up with my big-handed counterparts. It’s all

JamPlay vs. GuitarTricks – Which One Is Better?

When it comes to online guitar lessons, it’s hard to find two platforms more popular than JamPlay and GuitarTricks. GuitarTricks (GT) is the veteran website, with 11 000+ lessons and 3 million users. JamPlay (JP) is newer, established in 2007 vs. 1998. But it’s still experienced in delivering 7500+ lessons to 500,000 players across the

JustinGuitar Review – Free Online Guitar Lessons

Whenever I ask new guitarists which online lessons they use and/or recommend, the one that comes up the most is JustinGuitar. Since 2003, Justin Sandercoe has been teaching guitarists of all levels on his website and YouTube channel. As of 2020, JustinGuitar has 1000+ lessons, 350,000+ users and 1.14 million+ subscribers. Not to mention endorsements

Guitar Tricks Review – The Original Online Guitar Teacher

As the first mainstream website for online lessons, Guitar Tricks has its share of bragging rights. 3 million+ users. 11000+ lessons. 1000+ songs. 33 instructors. All wrapped up in one platform. But it’s not 1998 anymore and there’s lots of newer sites to choose from. So, what sets Guitar Tricks apart? Let’s take a closer

JamPlay Review – Online Lessons For All Playing Levels

Since 2007, JamPlay has been teaching guitar and bass to 500 000+ players around the world. And with over 100 teachers on their roster – including famous names like Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Mike Mushok (Staind), David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Lita Ford (The Runaways) – they offer a little bit of everything to everyone, from

Guitar Drop D Tuning Guide: How To Tune Your Guitar To Drop D

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we’re constantly trying to figure out ways to teach our readers how to play guitar at the next level. Whether it’s through your guitar tone and timbre, your dexterity or the notes you have access too. Drop D is a common tuning system that many players will be familiar with, and it gives

How to Use the Tritone On Guitar

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we make sure you get a detailed and accurate grasp over every element of guitar playing. This includes some of the more complex, dissonant aspects of music theory which will enhance the way you play, write and improvise with your guitar. In this important guide, we’ll guide you through the use of the

How to Play Guitar With Long Nails

When you first start learning how to play guitar, you’re usually told to keep your nails short. For many players, this isn’t a big deal. But what if you work as a manicurist? Or what if having nice hands is essential for your look? Does this mean that you should give up? Of course not!

Fender Play Review – Beginner-Friendly Online Lessons

Fender Play is an online teaching platform for guitar, bass and ukulele. Launched in 2017, it’s still a relative newcomer to the scene. But it already has millions of users – thanks to the iconic music brand it belongs to. With endorsements by musicians like Jimmy Page, H.E.R. and Brendan Urie, Fender Play keeps growing

The Slash Guitar Technique

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we want to make sure you have the best grasp over the guitar from every possible angle. This includes getting you the right guitar gear and the best playing style to suit your needs. However, sometimes, we just want to imitate our heroes. As such, every now and again, we put together a

How to Play Double Stops on Guitar

So you’ve perfected the pentatonic scale, mastered the melodic minor, and can blast out blues licks like Hendrix. Hopefully, you’ve got a few tools under your belt. From string-breaking bends to face-melting legato passages, all of these techniques add a huge amount of depth and nuance to your lead playing, beyond simply rehearsing scales, shapes,

Guitar Music Theory Guide

At BeginnerGuitarHQ, we want to keep you at the top of your musical game in every way possible. Sure, we can teach you how to play the guitar really well, but you’re also going to need to gain a certain level of theoretical understanding to take your playing to the next level. As such, we’ve

Jazz Standards You Should Know

Jazz is one of the most daunting genres for many guitarists to play, and for good reason — jazz often incorporates rapid chord changes and shifts between different keys, along with a heavy focus on improvisation. If you want to play jazz on guitar, it’s absolutely essential that you learn how to improvise over standard

Top Guitar Fretboard Notes to Master as a Guitarist

Guitar fretboard/fingerboard exists all along the neck of a guitar. It is separated by frets. Within each fret includes notes that are played when holding down on the respective string. The fretboard is a major guitar part that connects the head to the body of the guitar. For the beginners here is a general outline

Learn the Circle of Fifths

The circle of fifths is a common theoretical term in music. It has many uses across all instruments and  genres but in this lesson we are going to look at a few simple ways that you can learn this essential piece of knowledge and apply it to your playing right away. What is the Circle

How to Play Metal on Guitar

Metal music, a genre of rock music developed in the late 1960s and 1970s, originating from the United Kingdom; has grown in popularity amongst musicians and avid music listeners alike! Rooting from Blues, Psychedelic and Acid Rock, Heavy Metal is characterized by its loudness, high distortion, and extended guitar solos. However, what makes it “tick?”

How to Play Metal Riffs on Electric Guitar

Many people, including me, first come to the guitar with metal music in our ears. As powerful as it sounds, though, playing metal is not particularly easy. Sure, you could crawl your way in and out of the song with only power chords (more on that later). However, if you want to accompany your rhythm

How to Play 12-String Guitar

The gleaming, shimmering sounds of 12-string guitars have captivated listeners for decades. Whether acoustic or electric, there’s just something special about a 12-string guitar that makes it perfect for an incredibly broad range of uses. This guide walks you through everything you need to know to play 12-string guitar. Though it may be equivalent in

How to Play Classical Guitar

When we think of classical music, we tend to think of composers such as Ludwig Van Beethovan, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or even Johann Christian Bach. Their musical works have had a huge impact on revolutionizing music and shaping what it has become today. It was in the 19th century where the popularity of the piano

Mandolin vs Guitar: How to Transfer Guitar Skill To The Mandolin

Stringed instruments are everywhere, and if you can already play the guitar (if you can’t, use our many guides here at BeginnerGuitarHQ to learn how) then there is a pretty high chance you’ll be able to use what you already know to pick up one of these other instruments. In this important guide, I’ll help

How to Develop Your Own Guitar Style

Most guitarists begin to play the instrument because they want to play like their guitar heroes. Maybe it’s just one particular song, or maybe it’s their whole discography. Regardless, every player has their own particular idols, whose sounds we emulate and styles we copy. As your skills improve, you may find yourself playing and mastering

15 Blues Turnarounds You Should Know

In blues music, the turnaround is a familiar companion. You may recognise the sound of a turnaround from the start or end of your favourite blues tracks. Typically, a turnaround is a 2 bar phrase that sits over the 11th and 12th bars of your usual 12 bar blues and acts to “turn around” the

How to Play Punk Rock Guitar

Led by groups like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, the Ramones, and the Buzzcocks, punk rock rode a wave of reactionary sentiment against more buttoned-up music and mainstream culture to become the dominant genre of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The revival of pop-punk in the early 1990s also made stars out of a

How to Play Indie Guitar

“Indie music” may be a misnomer: while the term is labeled as one genre, the name encompasses an incredibly wide array of different artists, all with their own unique sound and playing style. Yet part of the beauty of indie music is embracing that diversity.  Learning to play indie guitar will expose you to more

How To Play Rock And Roll Guitar

One of the first iterations of rock music, rock and roll arose as the music of the baby boomer generation in the early 1950s through the early 960s. Based predominantly on a sped-up blues format and cataloguing the daily lives of teenagers and youth, rock and roll quickly rose to become one of the most

How to Play Grunge Guitar

From its roots in the Pacific Northwest of the late 1980s, grunge exploded to become the defining sound of the 1990s. And while bands like Nirvana, spearheaded by the legendary Kurt Cobain, may dominate the popular concept of grunge, the genre itself runs much deeper. It’s relatively easy to pick up grunge; the heavy emphasis

How to Play Classic Rock Guitar

Developing out of styles like rock and roll, blues rock, and hard rock, classic rock remains one of the most enduring and popular genres for guitar players around the world. Many of the most famous guitarists in history, like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and George Harrison are all classic rockers. Learning to play classic rock

How to Fix Sloppy Guitar Playing

Music in itself is an art, an art where one serves itself as but an extension of their instrument. It’s easy to learn to play an instrument such as the guitar — but to completely dominate it is an endeavor many of us still pursue. Learning how to fix sloppy guitar playing can help you

Guitar Tapping Technique

Getting started with guitar tapping is actually a lot easier than you might have thought. As with all other guitar styles and techniques, to learn tapping on guitar, you need only begin at the beginning. Start small and you’ll surprise yourself with how fast you can pick this technique up. This article will describe just

10 Easy Guitar Licks for Beginners

Now that you’ve learnt some techniques and you’ve learnt some scales, we can start combining those into some licks. In this lesson we will look at 10 easy licks you can start playing today to start building your lead guitar knowledge and skill. You can also check out the Beginners Guide to Lead Guitar as

12 Bar Blues for Beginners

Chances are, if you’re reading this lesson then you’re a fan of the blues, and you may be familiar with the term “12 Bar Blues”. The 12 Bar Blues is the backbone of all blues music. This is a 12 bar chord progression that dates back to some of the earliest blues tracks.  All the

How To Develop A Guitar Practice Routine To Improve Your Playing

Structured, diligent practice is essential to improve your guitar skills over time. Everyone first picks up the guitar for a different reason. Many of us just wanted to play our favorite song. Others wanted to emulate a certain guitar hero. Regardless of the motive, most beginners start out by learning to play the most basic

How to Play Gypsy Jazz Guitar Style

Gypsy jazz guitar is a popular style of the jazz genre that originated in Europe. The founding father of the style is Django Reinhardt, a Romani guitarist of Belgian descent, who is considered by many to be one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century. The Gypsy jazz itself was an attempt of Django

Busking Tips for Guitarists

Busking can be an opportunity to practice your music and stage presence while also making some money. If you live in a city, chances are you’ve seen buskers on street corners looking to make some money by playing music. Though it may be a bit unconventional, busking is a fantastic way for musicians to practice

How to Palm Mute on Guitar

As a guitarist, oftentimes you’ll be playing on your own rather than with a band.  One of the great things about the guitar is that it’s an instrument that can provide rhythm, lead, bass and percussion sounds all in one, so it really is a musical Swiss army knife.  In this tutorial, we’re going to

How to Play Blues on Guitar

I’m sharing with you a comprehensive article guiding introducing you to the blues genre and giving you the tools to play blues guitar. If you’re a complete beginner guitar player or don’t know much about this genre, this guide is for you. It’s not hard to play and not hard to learn because it both

How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar

Playing harmoniously on the guitar with the use of your fingers can produce some of the most beautiful melodies. The high notes usually carrying the melody as the low notes fill in the gaps with a bassline. Most fingerstyle musicians are self-taught! But how do they find the time to play so well — and

How to Play Slap Guitar

Have you ever seen the movie “August Rush” or heard the slap musical styles of the professionals, like Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, or Jon Gomm and had the burning desire to learn how they do it? Well now you can. In this guide we will teach you how to play slap guitar. Holding the Guitar Safely

How to Care for Your Guitar

The guitar is to a guitarist what the vocal cords are to a singer; the instrument through which we give voice to our musicality. Just like a singer needs to take care of their vocal cords we need to make sure our guitar is in its best condition. Together, we will go through different ways

How To Approach Playing Guitar In Different Genres

There are a lot of different genres of music in the world. There is a very high chance you won’t like some of them, but a much higher chance that you’ll want to play more than one of them. If you’re looking to adapt your technique across multiple genres, then look no further! Rock Rock

How To Play Guitar By Ear

Playing by ear is a great way to pick up songs easily and quickly. You can both do it with notes and chords, and it can be nice and easy or really hard. You’ll be able to start off with ease, but then it’ll take practice… In this important guide, I’ll show you how to

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

When it comes to the question of “How long will it take to learn guitar?” it depends on multiple factors. The main thing that determines the answer to that question is you. The speed at which you learn guitar is completely in your hands. You Have To Want It Only learn guitar if you really

Hammer-on’s and Pull-off’s

When you start learning how to play guitar, you’ll discover that there are many different ways to make sounds other than picking individual notes or simple chord strumming. When you start learning songs, you’ll also find that an extensive number of songs and riffs involve two things with weird names, hammer-ons and pull-offs. I told

7 Songwriting Tips for Beginning Guitarists

Writing a song is an activity just as doable as learning to play one Becoming a songwriter may sound like a crazy dream to some of us, especially during the first steps of learning to play the guitar or any other musical instrument. Most of us (including myself when I was a beginner) seem to

How to Train Your Little Finger for Guitar

While learning to play guitar, it is easy to pick up bad habits, especially if you are self taught. One very common mistake that I made, and it’s something I notice with other guitarists, is that they ignore the little finger. Many guitarists feel more confident using the ring finger because it is stronger, but

How to Bend a Guitar String

A useful advantage that guitar players have over many other instruments is the ability to bend the strings. Bending strings can give your guitar playing life and individuality, as well as add a unique layer to your sound. Most guitar players you know have their own style or signature bend. It can change a stale,

Essential Guitar Improvisation Techniques

When playing guitar, playing chords well and reading tab with precision are your first steps, but the ability to improvise will soon become important whether you’re playing a guitar solo or writing a song. In this important guide you will learn:   What improvisation is   Some scales to use   How to employ modes

How to Fret the Guitar

If you’re new to guitar one of the simplest, but important techniques you will need to know is how to properly fret the guitar. Fretting the guitar correctly will be the difference between a clean, full sound that requires minimal effort or a clunky, awkward one that strains your hand. If you’re not sure what

Time Signatures For Guitar Players

Alongside the notes you play, the rhythms you use to play those notes are what makes the tune you’re playing recognisable! Time signatures (also known as meters) are the first thing you need to get your head around, and that’s where we come in! In this important guide you will learn:   What a time