How To Hold A Guitar Pick

If you are a guitarist, then you already know what a guitar pick is. If you are just beginning to play the instrument, then you may wonder why guitarists use these tools, what they are for, and how to hold a guitar pick. A guitar pick, or plectrum, is a small, thin piece of hard

How to Play Guitar in 7 Days – No Musical Talent Required

You may think that learning how to play guitar is something that only some people can do — that it requires some kinds of inborn talent. This is not at all the case. Great guitarists all become great simply by playing… a lot. This article is all about beginning that journey. In it, I will

How To Read Guitar Tabs

The main obstacle that prevents many people from learning to play the guitar is the idea that being able to read music is imperative. This is, however, not the case thanks to a simplified form of musical notation known as tablature, or more colloquially tabs. Standard musical notation uses tempo, length of notes and a