How To Play Guitar Harmonics

Don’t let the title of this article scare you away. Natural harmonics are not that complicated. In fact, the guitar is a beautiful instrument capable of making some of the most interesting sounds. It was musicians like Jimmy Hendrix that really pushed the limits and explored the different possibilities of what the guitar can do!

10 Best Studio Headphones

Headphones can make or break your studio experience. The wrong headphones can give you a completely different sound than you expected. The best pair depends on your situation. Will you be mixing? Or will you just be recording acoustic guitar? Do you plan to spend a lot of time wearing headphones? All factors you need

Best Guitar Peg Winder

If you’ve never changed guitar strings, you will have to learn at some point. And when you do, please, for the sake of your time and sanity, get yourself a peg winder. Ask any experienced guitarists or guitar technician and they will tell you: peg winders are the best! They’ll save you time and keep

The Best Guitar Slides For Acoustic Guitar

Guitar slides started as a part of Hawaiin culture and heavily influenced Delta Blues in the United States. And now, they’ve changed the faces of current blues, rock, and country music. So for a long time, people have debated what the best guitar slides are.  And we’d like to enter that debate, acoustic style. Here’s

The Best Guitar Pick Holder

Guitar pick holders are often overlooked. A lot of performing guitarists don’t even own one. What are they supposed to do if they drop their pick? Or, as has happened to me, their pick snaps in half? These holders can be concert-savers. And your concert can be ruined if you don’t have one handy. So

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

When it comes to the question of “How long will it take to learn guitar?” it depends on multiple factors. The main thing that determines the answer to that question is you. The speed at which you learn guitar is completely in your hands. You Have To Want It Only learn guitar if you really