How To Play The Happy Birthday Guitar Chords?

Learning guitar can be tough. It can take months to play your first barre chords, or a full year to finally understand what the major scale is. One of the easiest ways to learn the guitar is by playing songs. You can do so by ear, which means you find the chords and the rhythm

Emaj7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Seventh chords are a great way to breathe some life and character into an otherwise dull-sounding chord progression! Used across hits like, “The Beatles – Something”, “Metallica – Nothing Else Matters”, and even “The Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. In fact, the Emaj7 chord in particular is an excellent segway into more

F Major Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Are you new to guitar chords, and are looking to bolster your chord repertoire? Then you’ve come to the right place! When playing from the open-note position, you’ll find that Major chords like our F Major chord, require very little effort to play, making it an excellent chord to get your feet wet with. As

The Best Feel Good Songs in All Genres Plus Tabs and Chords

When you’re feeling amped, you want the music to match. There’s nothing like having that smile on your face and doing a happy dance to happy music. Or bobbing your head. Whatever. You just feel good, and the music keeps it going. If you’re down in the dumps, putting on feel good music might be

50 Easy Bass Songs For Beginners

You might have decided you’d like to learn how to play bass but have no idea where to start. Fortunately for those starting out, most bass lines in popular songs are not too hard to learn. It might take some time to nail slapping or chords, but lots of songs keep things simple. So, here

C#m7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

One of the fantastic ways of spicing up your progression is through the included use of seventh chords. Minor seventh chords, like our C#m7 chord, in particular, are great at supplying this smooth and sophisticated vibe often heard in jazz music. Furthermore, the C#m7 chord supplies a little bit of challenge to beginner guitarists, who

F#m7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Are you looking for some smooth and sophisticated-sounding chords to add to your chord repertoire? Then you’ve come to the right place! The F#m7 is a wonderfully jazzy guitar chord, offering a little bit of challenge for beginners, but nonetheless a great sound. As you read on, we’ll cover how you can play this chord,

Bm7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Tired of using the same old chords in your chord progressions? Then you’re in luck! Seventh chords, like our Bm7 chord, are excellent for applying a smooth, sophisticated and jazzy aesthetic to your chord progressions. More importantly, this chord is an easy one to pick up and add to your chord repertoire! As you read

Dmaj7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Are you in search of some nice smooth and jazzy chords to add to your chord repertoire? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Dmaj7 chord is one of those particular chords that produce this type of sound. As you read onward, we’ll cover how to start playing this chord, as well as some

Introduction to the 7 Major Guitar Modes

Are you looking to take your fretboard knowledge and improvisational skills up a notch? Then guitar modes have got you covered! While it’s not completely necessary to learn any theory on the guitar to be an excellent musician or songwriter, it can only enhance your ability in following through with these endeavors. As you read

Dsus4 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Tired of playing the same old chords, and are looking for something interesting and new to spice things up? Then your “sus” chords have got you covered! In fact, the Dsus4 chord in particular sounds wonderful when paired together with another chord, you might already know; D major. As you read on, we’ll go over

Dm Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Learning chords can be an excellent way of bolstering your skills on the guitar, as every musician pretty well uses them! In fact, as a beginner who is learning chords, it’s very likely that you’ve at least learned a little about different major guitar chords. However, what about what’s on the other side of the

F7 Chord Guitar – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you want to add some nice color and variation to your chord progressions, look no further than your seventh chords. In fact, we’re going to go over a particular type of seventh chord; a dominant seventh chord, F7. As you read on, we’ll cover how you can start playing this chord, and some music

The Best Guitar Stand to Display Your Guitar

Guitars are beautiful. No one can deny that guitars on display are essentially, practical art. What’s more, is that if your guitar is out where you can see it, it makes you want to play it more than when it’s sitting in its case or bag. It serves a dual purpose. There are a few

How to Find Chords in Scales

If you’ve been learning to play lead or classical guitar, chances are you’ve been introduced to scales. While they can become boring, they really are the basics of music. Now you want to play rhythm guitar and need to know what chords are in the scale. It’s not as simple as just taking all the

How to Master a Song From Home

We always hear about the vital “mixing and mastering” step in the final stages of completing our mix. However important it may seem, it often gets misunderstood in what it entails, and how we know when we’ve achieved a mastered mix. As you read on, we’ll uncover some common misconceptions, as well as what you

Gmaj7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you’re looking for some smooth-sounding chords with a rich sound, our major seventh chords have you covered. The Gmaj7 chord, in particular, is a great chord for getting started with these seventh chords, as well as getting your feet wet with some more challenging barre chords. As you read on, we’ll cover how the

Fm7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you’re looking for some fun and smooth-sounding chords to add to your chord repertoire, then look no further than our seventh chords. In fact, the Fm7 chord happens to be one of these excellent-sounding chords that can add some nice color and variation to your chord progressions. So how exactly do these “seventh chords”

Playing the Minor Guitar Chord

Minor guitar chords are an excellent way to capture the contrast from happy to sad within a chord progression, build tension, and tell a story without words. As you can imagine, they’re pretty important, and also a great way to get started with learning more about guitar and the music theory surrounding it. As you

Fmaj7 Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you’re looking to add more color to your chord repertoire, then look no further than our seventh chords. In fact, the Fmaj7 is one of these chords excellent for creating that bluesy aethstetic, or building tension within a chord progression. But what is a seventh chord, and how can you start using them? As

Fm Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

If you’re looking for moody melancholy chords to spice up your chord progressions, look no further than your F minor guitar chord, or just “Fm” for short. Slipping in minor chords such as this can be an excellent way of helping convey more emotion within a chord progression, like telling a story. As you read

Best Equalizer Settings – Setting Equalizer For Best Sound

The process of applying equalization to a mix is an art form. It’s something that eludes many beginners, and up-and-coming producers alike, as we chase the perfect sound. However, would it surprise you that something so important can also be something glossed over in the overall process? As you read on, we’ll cover the importance

G# Guitar Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Are you looking to add more major chords to your repertoire? Unlike its minor counterpart, the G# major guitar chord is one of the warmer and happier-sounding chords you can play on the guitar. As you read onward, we’ll go over how it works, and how you can start using this chord today. Let’s dive

The Best Electric Guitar With Whammy Bar

Sure, you could vibrato manually using your fingers. But a whammy bar looks cool and gets the job done in a fun way. Whammy bars, aka tremolo bars, aka vibrato bars are classic. They aren’t as popular these days as they were in decades past, but they’re still pretty awesome. We’ve got a list to

The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000

So, you’re looking to buy an acoustic guitar. You’ve seen some of the best ones that are priced in the thousands of dollars. You want an amazing guitar, but don’t want to or can’t fork out that kind of money. The good news is that there are so many great guitars out there that are

How to Play the F#7 Guitar Chord

The F#7 chord is one of many great-sounding seventh chords you can play on the guitar. In fact, many popular songs you probably know use these seventh chords. Songs like, “Jeff Buckley’s – Hallelujah”, “John Lennon’s – Imagine”, and even “Frank Sinatra’s – Fly Me To The Moon” use these colorful chords. As you read

How to Play the Cmaj7 Guitar Chord

If you’re looking to add some new and colorful chords to your musical repertoire, then look no further! Your Cmaj7 chord is one of many seventh chords and is relatively easy for beginners to start using. As you continue reading, we’ll cover how to play it, how it works, and additional information that will help

How to Play the D7 Guitar Chord

Seventh Chords are an excellent way to spice up your chord progression by giving it a different, more “Jazzy” aesthetic. Your D7 chord on the guitar is no different! As you read on, we’ll dissect this smooth-sounding guitar chord, and how you can incorporate it into your practice routine. Let’s dive in! How to Play

How to Play Em7 Guitar Chord

Seventh chords are a great way to spice up any chord progression. They might sound somewhat intimidating and complex just by the name, but that’s just on the surface! In fact, seventh chords can be easy to add to your chord repertoire, and fun to play! Today we’ll be going over the Em7 chord, how

How to Play Major Pentatonic Scale Guitar

Nothing is quite as distinctly pleasing as the pentatonic scale in terms of sound, and playability. Many popular songs like “John Newton – Amazing Grace”, “Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven”, and even “Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can’t Stop” all use this scale. So how can you start? As you read on, we will

How to Play Dsus2 Guitar Chord

Have you been searching for the right transitional chord to give a feeling of “space” or “openness”? Then look no further than your sus chords. In fact, your Dsus2 chord has been used in many popular songs, such as John Mayer’s hit Free Fallin’, Bryan Adams – Summer of ‘69, The Beatles – Ticket to

20 Beatles Love Songs To Play On Guitar

The Beatles had no shortage of love songs in their discography, which has endured six decades later. So, if you want to serenade your partner, there is no shortage of songs to choose from. Many of these songs are on the acoustic guitar, with open chords, so beginners won’t be over their heads, while others

How to Play Open D Chords

There are many excellent tunings to mess around with on your guitar, however, none sound quite as beautiful as the open D tuning. When changing your tuning, it’s very easy to feel lost as a lot can change on the fretboard, making the task of playing beautiful melodies and chord progressions all the more difficult.

How to Play the A7 Guitar Chord

Seventh chords have such an interesting sound and can really add some color and character to a chord progression. The A7 chord is no exception and is very easy to learn, and add to your musical repertoire! Let’s go over it in further detail, and learn how you can start using the A7 chord today!

How to Play the G7 Guitar Chord

Are you looking to expand your chord repertoire on the guitar? Then you’re in luck! The G7 chord is one of the many seventh chords you may learn on the guitar, and more importantly, it’s fairly easy to play! For beginners, this is an excellent chord to get yourself started before learning other seventh chords

How to Play Chords in the Key of C

The key of C is where beginners tend to start, and an excellent place to begin practicing songs. So, why not learn the chords that flow together within the key of C? It only sounds logical, right? As you read on, we will cover what these chords are, and some music theory pertaining to that.

 How to Play the E7 Guitar Chord

Seventh chords are an amazing way to provide a fuller sound with more character, but for those who don’t understand them, they might be somewhat intimidating. Learning how to play the E7 chord can be easy, fairly rewarding, and fun! As you read on you’ll not only understand how this chord works, but how you

Concert vs Dreadnought Guitar: Which is Better?

Buying a new guitar is always exciting, whether it’s your first or another one you’re adding to your collection. But it can be especially confusing if you don’t know which type of guitar to get. Or maybe you’re just curious about the difference. Dreadnoughts are very popular, you see them everywhere. But then so are

How to Play the Minor Pentatonic Scale

Of every type of scale you can play on the guitar, one that has really stuck with me is the pentatonic scale. Songs like Amazing Grace, Cotton Eyed Joe, and the iconic Led Zeppelin hit Stairway to Heaven all use it. The pentatonic scale has a very unique, and pleasant sound – but even better,

60 Songs About Death For Mourning

Death is something everyone encounters in their life, and the best artists turn their pain into something for others to relate to. So naturally, there is no shortage of songs about death to express grief, mourn, and play at funerals. From rock, metal, pop, country, and rap, there is something from everyone on this round-up

How to Play the Ebm Guitar Chord – Charts and Fingering

The Ebm guitar chord, a.k.a E flat minor, is one of the rarer chords. There are only a few keys that naturally contain Ebm. Of course, it can always be borrowed from one of those keys in a song that’s in a more common key to add some spice to the mix. Having said that,

How to Play the Melodic Minor Scale on the Guitar

The melodic minor scale is an interesting scale and not only because it’s one of three different minor scales. It has such an interesting sound to it thanks to the raised sixth and seventh intervals. But not just that, you don’t play it the same way down as you play it up, at least in

15 Different Types of Guitars You Should Know About

If you’re new to the guitar as a whole, you may only be aware of two, maybe three different types of guitars. To think that there are more than 15 different types of guitars, however, seems unreal. As you read on, we will cover 15 of these different guitars you should know about, so that

50 Best Songs About California You Can Play on Guitar

California is called the sunshine state, and for good reason. The sunny paradise at the “edge of the world” is packed with gorgeous shorelines, diverse cities, music, film and television and so much culture that many deem it the quintessential state for art. California is so revered for its culture, art, and spirit, that there

50 Best Karaoke Duets of All Time (Greatest Hits) 

Whether you consider yourself a singer or not, karaoke is one of the best stress relievers; there’s nothing like screaming the lyrics of your favorite song in front of a crowd of strangers at a karaoke bar. Moreover, if you’re an aspiring superstar, karaoke allows you to show off your skills and improve your performances

34 Rock Bands With Female Singers Worth Listening To

Rock music is still seen as a predominantly male scene, but women have firmly cemented they are not going anywhere. As someone who was regularly “the only girl in the band” growing up, these groups served as a reminder that I belong in the music scene as much as anyone else does. Here are 34

How to play F#dim Guitar Chord

F#dim is one of those chords, that in my opinion, doesn’t sound great on its own. But when used in the right way, it adds a dark kind of tension that adds some drama to a song. Usually, it’s used as a bridge between two other chords so that the tension resolves. But because of

The 12 Best Cheap Electric Guitars

The cost of instruments and lessons are what often holds people back from getting into music. And electric guitars can be especially expensive compared to acoustic guitars. But thankfully, there are cheap guitars and plenty of free online resources here on Beginner Guitar HQ to help you learn to play guitar. Having said that, you

Best Chord Progression Generator

The internet has many valuable tools for musicians. As both a rhythm guitarist and a songwriter, one of my favorite products of the digital age is the chord progression generator (CPG). Using CPGs has helped me expand my musical knowledge AND experiment with some kick*ss riffs I’d never have come across otherwise If you’re reading