How to Build Your Own Low Cost Stratocaster

The Stratocaster is one of the most versatile guitars on the market. It’s used in many styles of music. Guitar greats like Clapton, Hendrix and SRV played Stratocasters. Now I don’t have the ability to play like Mr. Clapton but I have my fair share of strat parts laying around so I dove head first

How to Play Blues on Guitar

I’m sharing with you a comprehensive article guiding introducing you to the blues genre and giving you the tools to play blues guitar. If you’re a complete beginner guitar player or don’t know much about this genre, this guide is for you. It’s not hard to play and not hard to learn because it both

Master DADGAD Chords with our DADGAD Tuning

DADGAD chords on the DADGAD tuning are very helpful to master as you strive to become a better guitar player. Playing the guitar doesn’t have to be limited to standard tuning. EADGBE is great because it allows you to play in multiple different keys relatively easily.  However, if you don’t mind being somewhat ‘stuck’ in

How to Test a Guitar: A Guide for Buying New or Used

Whether you’re looking for your first guitar or your twentieth, testing out an instrument is still a unique and tricky process. How should you determine whether or not a guitar offers the specific sound and feel you’re looking for? And how can you ensure you don’t buy a lemon that may develop hardware or body

A Guitarist’s Guide to Jam Sessions

Jam sessions are one of the best ways to improve your skills as a guitarist and have a great time playing with other musicians. However, the prospect of a jam session can feel imposing to many players. From calling tunes to comping over other players’ songs and improvising solos, jam sessions are complex endeavors. Beginners

The Best Electric Guitars For Each Genre

Guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world, used in genres from rock and heavy metal to jazz and highlife. It’s no surprise, then, that various different guitars have evolved to suit different playing styles and genre needs! Most guitarists begin with a budget, jack-of-all-trades model that can approximate sounds of many

Best Guitar for Small Hands

As someone who has had to struggle with complex chord stretches because of short fingers, this article is going to address some tips for other players with the same problem to help you find the best guitar for small hands. Guitarists with small hands faced challenges in finding quality instruments with smaller dimensions after the

A Flat / G Sharp Guitar Chord – Theory, Examples, How To

Having already looked at ‘open’ chords and their simple shapes, it’s time to move towards some harder to grasp, rarer chords that are known as the ‘black notes’ on a piano. In this important guide, I’ll be taking you through a huge number of variants of the G#/Ab chord: If you’re looking for a place

How to Care for Your Guitar

The guitar is to a guitarist what the vocal cords are to a singer; the instrument through which we give voice to our musicality. Just like a singer needs to take care of their vocal cords we need to make sure our guitar is in its best condition. Together, we will go through different ways

Best Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are everywhere. There are so many styles, brands, and guitars with countless combinations of features and specifications. So how the heck are you supposed to know which one to get? Well, hopefully this review helps you choose the best acoustic guitar for your needs. What To Expect From This Review Of The Best

Best Travel Guitar

Let’s say you want a guitar that’s easy to whip out and practice on. Or you’re going on a road trip with your friends and want something to strum. Or maybe you just want to record with a guitar that has a unique sound. In each of these situations, the best solution is using a

Learn Guitar Faster With These Muscle Memory Exercises

Muscle memory can be a confusing topic, but it’s important to understand if you want to master the guitar. It can take a while to learn guitar, but incorporating muscle memory exercises can actually help you learn guitar faster. How Can Muscle Memory Exercises Help With Guitar? Neurons are the key to developing muscle memory

The Best Guitar Tuner App

What’s The Best Guitar Tuner App? Am I really going to tell you what guitar tuner app to use? Well, no but sort of yes. What I am going to do is cover four of the best guitar tuner apps, describing them and giving you the pros and cons. The point here is to help

Hammer-on’s and Pull-off’s

When you start learning how to play guitar, you’ll discover that there are many different ways to make sounds other than picking individual notes or simple chord strumming. When you start learning songs, you’ll also find that an extensive number of songs and riffs involve two things with weird names, hammer-ons and pull-offs. I told

How to Train Your Little Finger for Guitar

While learning to play guitar, it is easy to pick up bad habits, especially if you are self taught. One very common mistake that I made, and it’s something I notice with other guitarists, is that they ignore the little finger. Many guitarists feel more confident using the ring finger because it is stronger, but

How To Tune a Guitar

Tuning your guitar is pretty much the first thing you’ll do when you’re about to play. If you’re not in tune with yourself, then moving between strings is not going to sound great. If you’re not in tune with your band, you’ll sound even worse! In this important guide you will learn: What Is Tuning?

C Chord Guitar – Finger Positions, How to, Variations

From the moment you take the guitar for the first time in your hands, teachers, courses and basic books are teaching you how to use chords. Sound pieces composed of several notes that generate a specific sound, commonly used for rhythmic musical tracks or bases. But, every good musician should know sooner or later where

B Chord Guitar – Finger Positions, How to, Variations

The B chords are chords that have their sound root in the B note and assure you have already noticed. They tend to be the hardest chords to master when you venture into the world of the guitar for the first time, but you can learn to play guitar more fluently in 7 days. As

How To Hold A Guitar Pick

If you are a guitarist, then you already know what a guitar pick is. If you are just beginning to play the instrument, then you may wonder why guitarists use these tools, what they are for, and how to hold a guitar pick. A guitar pick, or plectrum, is a small, thin piece of hard

How to Play Guitar in 7 Days – No Musical Talent Required

You may think that learning how to play guitar is something that only some people can do — that it requires some kinds of inborn talent. This is not at all the case. Great guitarists all become great simply by playing… a lot. This article is all about beginning that journey. In it, I will

Best Compressor Pedal

This sleek, durable, and efficient compressor pedal gets the job done. The MXR M102 Dyna Comp is an in-line compressor with output and sensitivity control. If you stable dynamics, this is your ticket. It comes a long way from being one of the compressor pedals for guitar and professional guitarists . And with good reason,

Best Reverb Pedal

Are you tired of your guitar not sounding as good as Slash or Jimmy Hendrix while you’re jamming? Is your reverb more or a de-verb? Great reverb pedals are out there, you just need to find the right one for you. Investing in a good reverb pedal could make all of the difference in the

How To Read Guitar Tabs

The main obstacle that prevents many people from learning to play the guitar is the idea that being able to read music is imperative. This is, however, not the case thanks to a simplified form of musical notation known as tablature, or more colloquially tabs. Standard musical notation uses tempo, length of notes and a

How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar – 11 Factors to Consider

We are often asked what is the best guitar and however much we want to give a single answer, it unfortunately isn’t that simple. There is no such thing as the best guitar, rather the key is finding the best guitar for you. In this guide, we present 11 factors to consider when hunting down

How to Choose a Bass Guitar – 12 Factors to Consider According to Science

Choosing a bass guitar can be a long and arduous process. Considering the high costs of most bass guitars, you want to be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Many beginning bass guitarists will simply try out many different guitars and look for the one that “feels” right. While there is

Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup

The Fishman Neo-D is our pick for the best acoustic guitar pickup, which has a good balance for your strings and has a low profile as well. The design makes it bear a high impedance for quality music. Our step-up pick is the K&K Pure and it has been pre-wired in design and requires no

Best Beginner Electric Guitar

The BCP Full Size is our pick for the best beginner electric guitar, which has a comfortable location for the pickup and comes complete with all accessories, including an amp and a case. Our step-up pick is the Squier by Fender and it also comes with a strap and a case. It comes with a

Best Cheap Guitar

The Fender Acoustic Bundle is our pick for the best cheap guitar, which is acoustic and comes with a set of picks, a strap, some extra strings and others in the bundle. Our step-up pick is the Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK and it comes with tuners, an amp and other freebies like strings and picks. It

Best Classical Guitar

The Yamaha C40 is our pick for the best classical guitar as a full sized one with a gloss finish made with melamine. It is made with Javanese rosewood for the fingerboard and nato wood for the neck, as well as a spruce top. Our step-up pick is the Cordoba C3M and it has a

Best DIY Guitar Kits

The FretWire 175 Jazz guitar kit is our pick for the best DIY guitar kit, which can be added with your own finish. The body has already been drilled beforehand and it comes with all the needed hardware. Our step-up pick is the Solo ES Style guitar kit and it has a maple top with a nice

The Best Guitar Amp: 15 Guitar Amps You’ll Love

Whether you’re finally making the switch for acoustic guitar to electric guitar, or simply looking to upgrade your old starter kit guitar amp, there’s a lot to choose from. From small, 10w digital modelling amps that could almost fit in a backpack, to full-on, hair-raising 100w stacks that can pack out a stadium, electric guitar

Best Guitar Cable

The GLS Audio 10 is our pick for the best guitar cable, which is at 10 feet in length, has an OFC insulator shield and is low on capacitance. Our step-up pick is the Fender 1/4 Straight-to-Straight and it is also at 10 feet and is okay to use on many instruments. It has a

Best Guitar Pick

The ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE-12PK is our pick for the best guitar pick, and it is a set of 12 in one pack, containing assorted gauges and colors, all made of celluloid. Our step-up pick is the Fender Premium Sampler and is also made with celluloid, but contains 24 in one pack, all with assorted colors. The

Best Guitar Stand

The Top Stage Pro is our pick for the best guitar stand, which is an a-frame style with a durable lock. It is durable, lightweight and comes with rubber feet. Our step-up pick is the On Stage XCG4 and this one has a black tripod design. It is great for all kinds of guitars, including

Best Guitar Strap

The Protec Leather Ends is our pick for the best guitar strap, which is made with nylon and comes with a pocket for a pick. It is made with leather ends for durability. Our step-up pick is the BestSounds Soft Cotton and it is made with leather, cotton and other materials so that it is

Best Guitar Tuner

The D’Addario NS is our pick for the best guitar tuner, which is a clip-on type and has a visual metronome feature as well. It can be used for various instruments as well. Our step-up pick is the Snark SN-8 and it provides super tight tuning capabilities and has a good pitch calibration method. The

Best Wireless Guitar System

The Xvive U2 rechargeable is our pick for the best wireless guitar system, which can reach up to 100 feet in its range and comes with a power cable, receiver and transmitter in one setup. Our step-up pick is the Line 6 Relay and it can withstand up to 200 hours of sleep time in

How to Choose a Digital Piano – 10 Factors to Consider According to Science

A digital piano is an electronic keyboard that emulates the sound and the feel of a genuine acoustic piano. It can be differentiated from its precursor instrument – the “synthesizer” – which uses electronically produced sound waves to create specifically electronic sounds. The first digital piano commercially available was produced by Yamaha in 1983. The

Best Guitar Case

You’ve bought a guitar and now you are tasked with buying all the miscellaneous items and accessories that go with it. Many of these aren’t actually needed and are more a way for retailers to make a quick buck. But, among the selection of guitar accessories available, gig bags and cases are undoubtedly the most

Best Kids Guitar

If a child shows an inclination towards learning a musical instrument, it is something worth fostering. Playing is a fulfilling endeavour and it has been proven that it helps strengthen dexterity and develop certain mental functions such as concentration, self-confidence and creativity. Not to speak of practical benefits such as developing work ethic, the idea

Best Beginner Guitar

Choosing a guitar is an arduous process for established guitarist and even more so for beginners who are tasked with picking a single instrument among thousands upon thousands of options. It can undoubtedly be a discouraging experience that can delay the start of a fulfilling and gratifying journey. There are, however, a number of factors

Best Bass Guitar

The majority of budding musicians naturally gravitate towards the guitar given its natural allure and reputation solidified by the status of guitarist as icons in the world’s most popular bands. However, if you’ve veered away from the trend and have decided to opt for a bass guitar, you’ve embarked on a fulfilling journey with an

Best Electric Guitar

Congratulations, you’ve decided to buy an electric guitar, one of the top rated instruments the world over. Choosing that perfect guitar is where the fun really starts, though actually picking one can be a frustrating task for the uninitiated. Fret not (pun intended), we are here to help sift the wheat from the chaff with

How to Choose the Best Guitar, 15 Factors to Consider According to Science

Navigating the surfeit of guitars available at your local music shop or online retailer can be a daunting experience. The sheer number of models, shapes and sizes is confusing. However, there might be a way to simplify the experience with the use of science. The guitar as a crafted instrument relies heavily on science for