Sennheiser e935 Dynamic Vocal Mic Review 

Sennheiser Electronic is a german audio company known for producing top microphones and audio devices. If you’ve got a Sennheiser device on your hands, you know you have a highly reliable product. Their lineup includes microphones, smartphone peripherals (like earbuds), headphones, professional and business applications, and more.   Today, Beginner Guitar HQ is talking about the

The Best Dynamic Microphone for Every Budget

You can’t go wrong with a dynamic microphone. They’re generally more affordable, ruggedly built, require no power source, and often have great sound quality. They’re good for gigs, they’re good for recording, all-rounders really. But finding a good quality microphone is still important. Today we’re looking at the best dynamic microphone for every budget. What

AKG P420 Condenser Microphone Review 

Today, we’re taking a look at the AKG P420 microphone. This is a condenser microphone, otherwise known as studio mics for its ability to capture sounds with great detail and accuracy. At the same time, condenser mics are also lightweight and quite delicate, which is why you wouldn’t want to take them to a stage

Behringer UMC1820 Audio Interface Review 

It’s time to build the home studio. Great. Right after we choose our home studio laptop, the next step is going for an audio interface. Enter the Behringer UMC1820 Audio Interface, a different kind of beast. In short, this is an affordable and well-built 8-input model. If you’re looking for an audio interface with plenty

Best Stage Microphones

Our selection of top 10 stage performance mics We’re listing the best budget and pro-choices mics for live vocals and instruments.  Here we will discuss two mic categories: Singing and backing vocal mics; Electric guitar cabinet mic, bass guitar cabinet mic, drum kit mic, etc. Albeit some mics are very versatile and multipurpose, we suggest

Höfner Ignition Bass Review

Much has been said about Hofner basses in this site before. However, we’ve never reviewed a single model of this reputed brand. Alas, today’s article is reviewing the violin-like Hofner Ignition Bass Guitar, a unique instrument that looks and sounds like classic rock & roll. What we’ve got in our hands is a “viola” bass,

OneOdio DJ Headsets Review

In this post we review various devices that could be of great help for your home studio: OneOdio DJ Headsets and Studio Headsets.  Keep in mind that both DJ and Studio headsets are interchangeable, albeit they do pack specific features for the specific labors they intend to do. OneOdio builds affordable headsets for professional DJs,