20 Beatles Love Songs To Play On Guitar

The Beatles had no shortage of love songs in their discography, which has endured six decades later. So, if you want to serenade your partner, there is no shortage of songs to choose from. Many of these songs are on the acoustic guitar, with open chords, so beginners won’t be over their heads, while others are more complex. Here are the best Beatles love songs to play on guitar.


Yesterday is believed to be the most commonly covered song in the world, so it’s no doubt one of the best easy Beatles love songs to learn on guitar. The song is about trying to win back a lover after losing them.

Yesterday can be tricky to learn, even if it sounds unintimidating, so beginners may struggle with this one. You’ll have to learn new chords like Dm/C, F/E, and G7 if you want to avoid tuning your guitar down a step.

Plus, the finger-picking pattern is pretty specific, so you can’t just wing it if you want it to sound right.
2. DmC Bb FE chord illustrations
Dm/C, Bb, and F/E chord illustrations.

Here’s the tab:


I’m Happy Just To Dance With You

I’m Happy Just To Dance With You is more innocent and wholesome than some other love songs. It’s about simply wanting to be close to someone and dance with them.

You need a capo to play this song. Many of the chords used popped up in other Beatles songs, so it shouldn’t be much more challenging than the other tracks.

Here’s the tab:


In My Life

In My Life is often interpreted as loving someone more than everything else in your life.

You’ll have to break from strumming to play some short riffs at certain parts of the song, but these are fairly simple. If you’re a new guitar player, you’ll impress your friends by nailing the familiar intro riff. The strumming pattern is also straightforward, and it’s mostly made up of open chords.

This song might be your first encounter with chords like G7/F.
3. G7F chord illustration
G7/F chord illustration

Here’s the tab:


Here, There And Everywhere

The guitar line in the middle of the song may be a bit tricky, but it’s a good exercise in dexterity. Aside from that, Here, There And Everywhere relies on a straightforward strumming pattern and open chords, and a few bar chords.

Here, There And Everywhere is believed to have been inspired by Paul McCartney’s former girlfriend Jane Asher. The lyrics detail feeling complete with a loved one.

Here’s the tab:



The tab for Something appears daunting as the riffs involve pull-offs and slides. Plus, some of the chords like Amaj7, F#m7, and C#m/G# can be hard to get used to. But, it’s a worthy challenge.

The song is believed to be about George Harrison’s wife, Pattie Boyd, but the guitarist was also reportedly influenced by the Hindu deity Krishna.

4. Amaj7 Fm7 CmG chord illustrations
Amaj7, F#m7, C#m/G# chord illustrations.

Here’s the tab:


I Need You

I Need You is probably one of the easier Beatles love songs to learn on guitar. The timing and strumming pattern might not come naturally to newer guitar players, so listen to the song carefully to get into the swing of it.

The chords are fairly straightforward. I Need You is a good example of how chords like A, Asus2, and Asus4 flow exceptionally well together, which is why this combination is in lots of other songs, including John Lennon’s Happy Xmas War Is Over.

I Need You is also believed to be about Pattie Boyd and details wanting to hold on to a relationship.

Here’s the tab:


Hello Goodbye

Hello Goodbye is sometimes interpreted as a love song about trying to win a love interest over, but love wasn’t the main thing on Paul McCartney’s mind when he wrote it.

The artist once explained it’s about duality and striving to be more positive.

It’s fairly straightforward to play on guitar since it’s comprised of mostly open chords, with the exception of G#.

Here’s the tab:


I’ll Follow The Sun

Many Beatles fans see I’ll Follow The Sun as a metaphor for not taking our loved ones for granted.

When it comes to playing it on guitar, some newer players may be thrown off by the changing strumming pattern and the fact that there are a lot of chords to remember – especially less common chords like Em/B – which is identical to Bm except you mute the sixth string, Fm6, and F7.

5. EmB Fm6 F7 chord illustrations
Em/B, Fm6, F7 chord illustrations.

Here’s the tab:


Words Of Love

Many people assume Words of Love is a Beatles original, but it was actually a Buddy Holly song since the group was big fans.

The Beatles’ rendition is pretty simple to play since the chords are easy enough.

Here’s the tab:


Can’t Buy Me Love

Can’t Buy Me Love is a Beatles love song about putting love over all else, including fame and fortune.

One of the biggest challenges for newer guitar players is again having to remember a lot of chords – especially trickier chords like Dm11, Dm7, and G13.

6. Dm11 Dm7 G13 chord illustrations
Dm11, Dm7, G13 chord illustrations.

Here’s the tab:


If I Fell

If I Fell is a cautionary love song about being fearful of being heartbroken entering a new relationship.

As for learning it on guitar, the quick chord changes can be tricky – and once again, the Beatles were not the kind of band to write their songs with the same four chords and call it a day, so you’ll be on your toes in that regard,

Here’s the tab:


Yes It Is

Yes It Is is a Beatles love song that focuses on losing a past lover.

The strumming pattern is fairly straightforward. The main struggle, like many other Beatles songs, will be remembering all the chords, especially ones that aren’t in use often, like F#7 and G#7.

7. F7 G7chord illustrations
F#7, G#7 chord illustrations.

Here’s the tab:


All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love is arguably one of the most renowned Beatles love songs – after all, the title is pretty explanatory in summing up the meaning of the song.

When it comes to learning it out guitar, it’s not the most challenging song on this list.

Here’s the tab:


And I Love Her

And I Love Her is also a fairly explanatory Beatles love song; it’s about the protagonist being deeply in love and believing everyone else would love her too.

Again the biggest challenge will just be learning some new chords like Dm/F or B7.

8. DmF B7 chord illustrations
Dm/F, B7 chord illustrations.

Here’s the tab:


When I’m Sixty-Four

When I’m Sixty-Four is about a young man looking towards his future and wondering what it will be like when he reaches that age. Paul McCartney was believed to be around 15 when he wrote the track. The protagonist wonders if his lover will still love him when he’s old and grey.

You’ll need a capo to play this song.

Here’s the tab:


I’ve Just Seen A Face

Many Beatles fans interpret I’ve Just Seen A Face as a song about love at first sight.

You’ll need a capo to play this song too, but it’s a lot less daunting than some of the other Beatles love songs to play on guitar.

Here’s the tab:


I Will

Some fans interpret I Will as the protagonist, imagining what their future partner will be like; others think it has a more spiritual meaning.

The tab can look a bit daunting due to quick chord progressions and very rare chords like Cdim/Gb, but it’s a worthy challenge.

9. CdimGb chord illustrations
Cdim/Gb chord illustration.

Here’s the tab:



In Michelle, the protagonist struggles to tell a woman how beautiful he thinks she is.

You need a capo to play this song. There’s a quirky little intro riff, and many of the chords used are already in other Beatles songs.

Here’s the tab:


Two Of Us

Many fans see Two Of Us about a couple wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. It is believed to be about Linda McCartney.

Here’s the tab:


All My Loving

All My Loving is a pretty bleak Beatles love song. It’s about having to sacrifice love due to the commitment of being in a touring band.

You need a capo to play this song. The chords are quite tame compared to other tracks, except for Bbaug.

10. Bbaug9 chord illustrations

Bbaug9 chord illustration.

Here’s the tab:



Whether you’re an experienced guitar player or a beginner, there’s a lot to learn about love from The Beatles and even more to learn about playing guitar. From intricate melodies to unique chord progressions, the Beatles have stood the testament of time for a reason, which is why these Beatles love songs never get old. Happy playing!

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