30 Best Guitar Love Songs to Learn to Impress

Is there someone that’s caught your eye or captured your heart… in the best way possible, of course? At some point in our lives, most of us will experience the crazy feelings of being in love, and in some cases, that will go on to become a deeper, calmer, but no less powerful enduring flame. What better way to express how you feel in a beautiful and heartfelt way than through music.

But who doesn’t want to do a little impressing too? The songs that I’m going to suggest are all easy to learn. And as with most songs out there, as you get to higher skill levels, you can play more complex parts of the songs or even make your own arrangements.

So here are the 30 best guitar love songs to learn to impress your special somebody in your, or their favorite genres.


For those who like a bit of distortion, crank it up and express your feelings. Well, not all of the ones on the list below are the headbanging kind, you can arrange them as you like to suit your creative inclinations. While they’re a little calmer, these songs are no less awesome when it comes to baring your heart.

Waste My Time- Saint Asonia

If you’re not familiar with this one, don’t worry, they’re not singing about their relationship being a waste of time. Rather, it’s about loving someone, wanting to spend time with them, and standing together against naysayers.

For those who appreciate the odd morbid lyric or two, this song does it tastefully. There is the acoustic version, as in this video, or a rock version that’s on the mellow side for Saint Asonia. The rhythm part is really easy to play, but give the lead parts a go too, because honestly, it’s beautiful.

Here are the tabs and chords:



I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing- Aerosmith

Cliche, I know. But it’s such a classic, I just had to. When you’re falling in love, this song makes all the sense in the world. The simplified chords are quite easy to play, but for that something extra, learn the chords as they’re meant to be played.

Here are the tabs and chords:



The Only Exception- Paramore

If you’ve lost faith in love due to things going wrong for your parents or whatever else disillusioned you, and you vowed never to fall in love, but your person is the one who broke that wall down, this is the perfect song. It’s easy to play and very heartfelt.

Here are the chords:


R U Mine?- Arctic Monkeys

Looking for something faster-paced to ask that all-important question, this song is ideal. The chords in the original key will be easier for those with an intermediate skill level, but check out the tabs to play a blend of rhythm and lead. The power chords are going to make things easier and give it that awesome rock sound.

Here are the tabs and chords:



Faithfully- Journey

Journey is one of those bands that you either love or hate… or I guess feel indifferent about. But if you’re in a long-distance relationship with no intention of giving up, this song becomes really meaningful. And no, not everyone wants to start a family, so take a little poetic license with that line if you want to. It’s also pretty easy to play.

Here are the tabs and chords:




If you’re a more mainstream kind of person, these are bound to release a happy sense of anticipation in you. Pop songs are often easier to play than other genres, so if your special someone loves pop music, you’ll have no trouble impressing them.

Adore You- Harry Styles

Tell someone how you feel, not necessarily wanting anything back, although of course, you hope they feel the same. This song by Harry Styles has a bit of a 70’s vibe that makes it funky, but no less meaningful. Bonus, it’s easy to play.

Here are the tabs for the solo and the chords for the song:



Ocean Eyes- Billy Eilish

Haunting and alluring, this song is more on the alternative side of pop, which is just the way it goes with Billie Eilish. Have feelings for someone with blue, or blue-green eyes, this song is perfect. The chords used in this song have some added spice to them, making it a good song for keeping it simple, but beautiful.

Here are the tabs and chords:



Location- Khalid

Relationships are all about communication, and this song by Khalid explains that all very nicely. I think a guitar adaptation of this song will sound great. It has some lovely chords that will give it a slightly more complex sound.

Here are the tabs and chords:



We Belong Together- Mariah Carey

Heartfelt, with some great vocal work. Not many people can do what Mariah can, but even sung simply, this is a beautiful song. Let your somebody down? Said some things you didn’t mean? Let them know how you really feel about them with this song.

Here are the chords:


Shallow- Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

If you’ve been looking at life thinking what the heck, you aren’t alone. This world is shallow, and crazy and for some, it’s starting to get really old. If that someone you’re falling for has you wishing for a deeper more fulfilling life with them in it, this song expresses that wonderfully. Plus, it’s a cool duet to sing with your person.

Here are the tabs and chords:




R&B has that soulful feel to it that just lends itself to romance. There’s quite a bit of crossover with pop as R&B has been a part of pop music for so long now, so if your somebody is into mainstream music, they will likely be familiar with one or more of these.

Boo’d Up- Ella Mai

Falling for someone can be scary. If you’re trying not to get attached but failing at it, this song has the words for you. Adapt it for guitar, and let your heart sing.

Here are the chords:


No One- Alicia Keys

This song lets your special someone know that what you feel is here to stay. “No one can get in the way of what I feel for you”. While it’s primarily a piano song, it will sound awesome as a guitar ballad too. It’s easy to play and you can make it sound however your creativity leads you.

Here are the tabs and chords:



Halo- Beyoncé

Let your person know that they’re worth the risk with this rendition of Halo, by Beyoncé. It’s easy to play although you can take the arrangement to a whole new level if you want to. It’s one of those songs where if you have a great voice, you gotta let it shine.

Here are the tabs and chords:



On Bended Knee- Boys II Men

If you’ve messed up and you want to get your boo back, this song may just help to get your foot in the door for that much-needed conversation. This song has mostly easy chords, but practice makes perfect if you’re struggling with any of the chords.

Here are the chords:


Spend My Life With You- Eric Benét and Tamia

If you’re ready to commit to being together for the rest of your lives, this song is a beautiful way to do it. Whether you want to sing it as a duet together or just serenade your intended, you can do it in style. There is one or two chords here that beginners may need to put some practice into, but it’s well worth it.

Here are the chords:



Southern charm, it’s not just present in the manners, it’s there in the music too. Most of the songs are guitar songs too, which helps if you don’t like to convert a song.

You Hear a Song- Cassadee Pope

This is one of my favorites. If you have trouble trusting or opening up, this song could give you the words to say to make your love interest understand. The chords are pretty easy if you use a capo, but the extra few notes in the intro aren’t that hard to figure out if you want to practice playing by ear a little too.

Here are the chords:


Remind Me- Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood

Need to light that spark again? This duet speaks of the times in the beginning when all the crazy loved-up emotions drive the romance and passion and how it’s missed, but with the aim of getting it back. It’s something you and your partner can sing together or a song where you can tweak the words a little to sing it to your partner. Good communication is key, after all. It’s not too difficult to play and the song is heartfelt.

Here are the chords:


God Gave Me You- Blake Shelton

Feel like your partner is heaven-sent? This song expresses that perfectly. It’s a lovely song that speaks of all that a true commitment means in this life and how your person is there with you through it all, a gift from God. The chords aren’t too difficult and you can pick it and/or strum it to not only impress, but let your partner know how much they mean to you.

Here are the chords:


I Love You This Big- Scotty McCreery

Young love is exciting, confusing, crazy, with some high highs and low lows. Finding the words to say can be tough when you’re experiencing it for the first time. The lyrics of this song are sweet, heartfelt, and bound to make a girl’s heart flutter. Although, you can change up the lyrics a bit and sing it to make it applicable to your boyfriend too. Some of the chords are intermediate, but you can find easier versions of them if need be.

Here are the chords:


Simple- Florida Georgia Line

For this day and age, with social media, expectations, and all the other noise that can surround a couple or potential couple, this song is refreshing. No need to complicate things if it’s not your style. No need to involve social media or anyone else. Just be together and see where the road takes you. Because after all, your relationship is about the two of you. It’s not just simple to play, it’s a lot of fun too.

Here are the chords:



If jazz is more your style, you’re in for a treat. Even better if that’s what love interest is into. I myself love a good sultry jazz tune and if you want to impress, jazz will go a long way. Most jazz songs, or tunes, contain a variety of chords. Not only that, but they are beautiful sounding chords too. Whether you pick, pluck, or strum these tunes, you’re sure to make a good impression.

You can find simpler versions of the songs if you struggle with some of the chords, but don’t sell yourself short. Practice is key. Playing jazz makes you a well-rounded guitarist, even if you’re playing rhythm. That’s due to the sheer number of chords and the types of chords used.

Here are some songs along with the chords and/or tabs to express your love.

My One and Only Love- John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman

This song is very gentle and romantic. While it’s more of a piano song, you can play it on the guitar just fine. There are a few diminished chords, sixths, sevenths, and ninths too. You can just strum the chords with down strokes which will work well, or you can strum, pick or pluck the strings as you wish to make this tune your own.

Here are the chords for Frank Sinatra’s version:


Sunday Kind of Lover- Etta James

Still need to find that somebody? Well, playing this song can’t hurt your chances. As jazz goes, Etta James is one of my favorites and I can’t be the only girl who appreciates her music. I’m sure this one will tug on some guys’ heartstrings too. This song is a little easier to play than the previously mentioned and there’s a lot you can do with the guitar on this one.

Here are the chords:


Dream a Little Dream of Me- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

This one is a classic and perfect for those times you need to say goodnight and part ways for a little while. There are plenty of easy chords in this one although a few may require more intermediate skills. But while the sound may change, there is nothing wrong with playing the simplified versions of the chords in front of people while you practice the more complicated chords.

Here are the chords:


My Funny Valentine- Chet Baker

Looks are secondary when it comes to the matters of the heart and this tune expresses it so well. My husband impressed me with this one when we were dating, so it has a special place in my heart. To play this song exactly right, takes some advanced skills, but it’s just as beautiful when simplified. So don’t be afraid to get creative with this one.

Here are the chords:


L-O-V-E- Nat King Cole

This upbeat tune is another classic and if you like a song that’s a little faster and you can really tap your foot to, this is the one. “Love was made for me and you”, simple, but meaningful. It’s a very cute song. Most beginners should be able to play this one without too much trouble too.

Here are the chords:


Latin Music

Passionate and vibrant, that’s how I see Latin pop music. You’ll find some amazing guitar songs in this genre, and that goes for love songs specifically too.

Es Por Ti- Juanes

Translated to “it’s for you”, this song speaks of this person being the reason his heart beats, his eyes shine, and he can speak of love again. A fun and meaningful song to sing to someone that you feel has given you a new lease on life. There are a few intermediate chords, but it’s not too hard to learn and will have you putting a smile on your special someone’s face.

Here are the chords:


Here’s the translation:


Darte un Beso- Prince Royce

This song has that reggae vibe to it giving it a more laid-back feel. But the tempo of the words and the fact that they speak of passion and love, wanting to give your partner or potential partner not just kisses, but the moon too if you could, speaks volumes. With a capo, it’s easy to play and you can include the intro and other bits of picking too.

Here are the chords:


Here’s the translation:


Despacito- Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber

I’ve chosen this version for those of you who would like to include some English lyrics. This song definitely speaks of passion, attraction, and love. The awesome riff in the beginning will definitely impress. This song is pretty popular even now, and likely to be remembered by the one you have in mind. The chords are easy, and the riff is just something that if you’re a beginner, will take some practice, but it’s not too difficult.

Here are the chords with the tabs for the riff included:


Here’s the translation:


Cactus- Gustavo Cerati

Is your partner into poetry? Give this song a go. The poetic words speak of how your person is everywhere you look and how invoking them or their name can make bad things good using analogies of cacti, birds, and dunes. The chords are fairly easy, and you can pick this song for a softer vibe as Gustavo does before strumming to up the energy.

Here are the tabs and chords:



Here’s the translation:


Amor Prohibido- Selena

Forbidden love. Maybe you’re being kept apart by parents, religion, culture, social status, etc. The lyrics speak about that, and about how you love each other anyway and how none of that matters. This song is from the 90s and the original arrangement is very dated, but feel free to modernize it on your guitar. It isn’t too difficult to learn and leaves you with some creative freedom.

Here are the chords:


Here’s the translation:



Music often expresses what we can’t say. Sometimes, it takes words that someone else has written to communicate. With these lyrics and the music, which you may sometimes need to adapt for guitar, you can impress that someone you have your eye on or make the person already in your life smile and feel appreciated.

Should you need to find different ways to play chords, or how to play something fingerstyle, improve your strumming, etc, check out the available articles on all these topics and more in the How to Play Guitar section.

Get creative, have fun, and as cheesy as this sounds, let your heart sing!

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