15 Easy Drop D Songs

Drop D tuning instantly makes things a little simpler, especially if you’re playing power chords. If you don’t know what drop D tuning is, it’s simply detuning, or rather re-tuning the 6th string, which is the low E string, to D. This allows you to take E-shaped power chords and play them as an A-shape, one finger over one fret.

Useful, isn’t it. You shift the root note two frets up which results in one finger one fret chords. It also gives the lower chords a slightly bassier sound. While you can use drop D in any genre you want if you like the way your chords sound, it’s very common in rock and metal since this is these are the genres where power chords reign supreme. It’s also easier to do quick shifts in this tuning.

It’s not just fun strumming for the rhythm section though. You can also fingerpick, or use a plectrum to play awesome arpeggios and the like to create more interesting music. It’s truly versatile.

If you’ve never played in drop D before, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it. Here are 15 easy drop D songs to get you started.

Everlong- Foo Fighters

Written about a break-up, Dave Grohl pretty much winged this one and ended up with this unmistakable riff. It’s pretty easy to get under your belt, you just need to get the timing right and make sure you hit the right strings. There are no complicated shapes to play with your fingers and it’s really the tuning that gives this song its iconic sound. This is one of the best drop D songs to learn if you’re into this kind of music.

Here are the tabs:


Wake Up- Rage Against The Machine

If you’ve watched The Matrix, you’ve heard this song as Neo flies off into the sky at the end. Rage Against The Machine has a lot of drop D songs, a lot of which are easy to play. I like most of them, but this one just has that moment of awesomeness etched in my brain. Of course, if you’re one to call out politicians and society on their crap, this song will do for that too.

This one may take some work if you aren’t used to hammer-ons and muting skipped strings, but all it takes is some consistent practice.

Here are the tabs:


Dear Prudence- The Beatles

John Lennon created some magic here with his detuned guitar. The Beatles met Prudence, the actress Mia Farrow’s sister, on a transcendental meditation course in India. They became friends, and when Prudence would spend long hours in her room going over the material, John and George would say “come out and play Prudence”, inspiring the song. If you don’t like a heavy rock sound, you may find this song to your liking.

It’s an easy one to get the hang of. No complicated picking patterns or fast notes. Just simple, awesome, drop D guitar.


Walk- Pantera

One of the heavier songs on the list, Walk is a song that speaks of an annoying friend who’s fake, isn’t a true friend, and needs to leave. It may take some practice to get some parts of it right if you’re a beginner. But practice it nonetheless, bends are a great way to add that something to your music. But the rhythm section is pretty easy. Soon you’ll be playing it so well that it will be a nice tribute to departed members Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul.

Here are tabs:


You’ll also need to tune the high E string to D for this guitar’s part:


Moby Dick- Led Zeppelin

This instrumental offering by Led Zeppelin mainly showcases the drumming talent of John Bonham, it’s really quite something to listen to if you enjoy drums. So the guitar part is pretty awesome, but it’s simple so as not to detract from the drums too much. You shouldn’t have too much trouble learning to play it.

Here are the tabs:


Coming Undone- Korn

I really enjoy Korn’s sound, it’s so distinctive. Part of how they do that is by detuning their guitars. If you feel like you’re going a little crazy (not in a good way), or you’re confused and it’s causing conflict within yourself, this song speaks to that. Thankfully, the guitars don’t quite reflect that, it’s actually straightforward and perfect for beginners.

Here are the tabs:


Harvest Moon- Neil Young

If rock isn’t your thing, try this country song. Even better, if you’ve been with someone for a while, and you’re still in love, love to see them dance, play this song for them. This is the perfect showcase of how drop D tuning can be used for beautiful music that isn’t rock or metal. It’s pretty easy to play and if you want to, you can give the harmonics a go too. They’re easy once you learn how.

Here are the tabs with the intro and harmonics:


Here are the tabs for the rhythm:


Sonne- Rammstein

Even when translating this song to English, I can’t quite catch what exactly they mean by it. By the music video, maybe the perils of vices that seem so good in the beginning (I’ve left it out due to the content, although feel free to search for it yourself if you wish). Find your own meaning for this song and enjoy how easy it is to play. If you don’t speak German but want to sing along, that’s probably the harder part.

Here are the tabs:


New Born- Muse

This is quite a sad song about the evils that people see, often at a young age, and the effects of that. But musically, it’s beautiful. It may take some practice to master some parts of this song, but the practice will be good for upskilling. The solos include some hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides, depending on which version you want to play.

Here are the tabs:


Never Too Late- Three Days Grace

It’s hard for me to really have favorites, because I just love so many songs, but this one is definitely up there with my favorites. The verses are quieter with a gentle riff, and then you rock out in the choruses and bridge. It’s about what happened in the past is the past and needing to get beyond that to live here and now without drowning in misery.

Here are the tabs:


You Are My Sunshine- Morgane and Chris Stapleton

This country rendition with a bluesy vibe is quite slow, so it should be easy enough to get the hang of, even for beginners. There are some techniques that you may need to practice to master, but the speed of this version really makes it a lot less challenging. This is quite an old song that most people have heard at some point. If there is someone in your life that you love that feels like your sunshine, this is a good one to learn.

Here are the tabs:


The Chain- Fleetwood Mac

If you’ve experienced heartbreak and/or anger due to your significant other betraying your love and possibly your trust too, you may find this song resonates with you. This song will take some practice, especially if you still need to build up the strength in your hands enough to bend the strings successfully. But it’s a great song to learn and improve your guitar skills. It also makes use of a capo in the second fret to match the original key.

Here are the tabs:


On A Plain- Nirvana

Whether you see this song as a story about taking drugs, some other vice or thing you put above the people you love, depression, or a case of writer’s block, it’s one of those songs that perhaps let us look into Kurt Cobain’s thoughts. His songwriting was often genius. It’s not too hard to learn but provides enough of a challenge for beginners to be interesting.

Here are the tabs:


Bat Country- Avenged Sevenfold

Another depro song, this song speaks about not being in the best state of mind and possibly an existential crisis. But the speed of the song almost peps it up a bit. Despite that, it’s not too hard to play. It’s more the lyrics that are fast. Just have fun with it and let out the crazy a little vocally.

Here are the tabs:


Whatsername- Green Day

Most of us who are old enough to have an ex that meant something to us, a first love maybe, or a relationship that has many good memories attached to it, can relate to this song when whatsername or whatshisname pops up randomly in our minds sometimes. The chords aren’t difficult, especially being in drop D and the song itself is quite chilled aside from the choruses that rock out a little.

Here are the tabs:



These 15 songs which span rock, metal, and even country will give you a nice starting point or just a few ideas if you’re not sure what to play next in drop D. This tuning is great especially for beginners because the chord shapes are often simplified. But as you can see, it’s not just about strumming triplets.

If you want a tuning that offers a bit of a deeper sound on the lowest string to create your own riffs in various styles, drop D is definitely a viable option.

Have fun jamming!

15 Easy Drop D Songs