E Chord Guitar – Theory, Examples, How To

There are a lot of chords you’ll come across while learning guitar, but few of them will crop as much as a simple E chord. We’ve done a lot of guides to how to approach playing chords through various techniques, and many different variations on these basic shapes. In this important guide, I’ll be taking

G Chord Guitar – Theory, Examples, How To

There are a lot of chords you’ll come across while learning guitar, but few of them will crop as much as a simple G chord. We’ve done a lot of guides to how to approach playing chords through various techniques, and many different variations on these basic shapes. Maybe start by having a look at

C Chord Guitar – Finger Positions, How to, Variations

From the moment you take the guitar for the first time in your hands, teachers, courses and basic books are teaching you how to use chords. Sound pieces composed of several notes that generate a specific sound, commonly used for rhythmic musical tracks or bases. But, every good musician should know sooner or later where

B Chord Guitar – Finger Positions, How to, Variations

The B chords are chords that have their sound root in the B note and assure you have already noticed. They tend to be the hardest chords to master when you venture into the world of the guitar for the first time, but you can learn to play guitar more fluently in 7 days. As

Guitar Triad Shapes For Beginners

Understanding how chords work, especially for guitar might feel somewhat overwhelming. However, look no further than your guitar triads for shedding some light on this mystery! Triads are a necessary component of many of our favorite and most commonly-used major and minor chords. In fact, you might say they not only lay the foundation for

The Best Free Guitar Tuner App on Android and IOS

Gone are the days when you had to buy a guitar tuner. Sure, they’re pretty helpful. If you go onstage regularly, those clip on tuners come in pretty handy for when you just quickly need to tune in between songs. You want to be sure your guitar is perfectly in tune when you’re recording, and

Songs About Self Love with Tabs and Chords

If you’re anything like me, you tend to beat yourself up. You may also have felt like you don’t quite fit into this world. It can make you feel lost and whether it’s in your head or reality, you often feel unwelcome. In many cases, that leads to looking down on yourself and wishing you

F Major Chord – Finger Positions, How-to, Variations

Are you new to guitar chords, and are looking to bolster your chord repertoire? Then you’ve come to the right place! When playing from the open-note position, you’ll find that Major chords like our F Major chord, require very little effort to play, making it an excellent chord to get your feet wet with. As

The Best Feel Good Songs in All Genres Plus Tabs and Chords

When you’re feeling amped, you want the music to match. There’s nothing like having that smile on your face and doing a happy dance to happy music. Or bobbing your head. Whatever. You just feel good, and the music keeps it going. If you’re down in the dumps, putting on feel good music might be

Introduction to the 7 Major Guitar Modes

Are you looking to take your fretboard knowledge and improvisational skills up a notch? Then guitar modes have got you covered! While it’s not completely necessary to learn any theory on the guitar to be an excellent musician or songwriter, it can only enhance your ability in following through with these endeavors. As you read

How to Find Chords in Scales

If you’ve been learning to play lead or classical guitar, chances are you’ve been introduced to scales. While they can become boring, they really are the basics of music. Now you want to play rhythm guitar and need to know what chords are in the scale. It’s not as simple as just taking all the

The 12 Best Semi Hollow Guitars

If you love a warm airy acoustic tone that works well whether plugged or unplugged, a semi-hollow guitar is the way to go. That’s not to say you can’t add some distortion. Originally designed for jazz music, they’ve become popular for a range of genres including rock, metal, pop, blues, country, any genre that uses

How to Play Major Pentatonic Scale Guitar

Nothing is quite as distinctly pleasing as the pentatonic scale in terms of sound, and playability. Many popular songs like “John Newton – Amazing Grace”, “Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven”, and even “Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can’t Stop” all use this scale. So how can you start? As you read on, we will

20 Beatles Love Songs To Play On Guitar

The Beatles had no shortage of love songs in their discography, which has endured six decades later. So, if you want to serenade your partner, there is no shortage of songs to choose from. Many of these songs are on the acoustic guitar, with open chords, so beginners won’t be over their heads, while others

How to Play Open D Chords

There are many excellent tunings to mess around with on your guitar, however, none sound quite as beautiful as the open D tuning. When changing your tuning, it’s very easy to feel lost as a lot can change on the fretboard, making the task of playing beautiful melodies and chord progressions all the more difficult.

How to Play Chords in the Key of C

The key of C is where beginners tend to start, and an excellent place to begin practicing songs. So, why not learn the chords that flow together within the key of C? It only sounds logical, right? As you read on, we will cover what these chords are, and some music theory pertaining to that.

Concert vs Dreadnought Guitar: Which is Better?

Buying a new guitar is always exciting, whether it’s your first or another one you’re adding to your collection. But it can be especially confusing if you don’t know which type of guitar to get. Or maybe you’re just curious about the difference. Dreadnoughts are very popular, you see them everywhere. But then so are

15 Different Types of Guitars You Should Know About

If you’re new to the guitar as a whole, you may only be aware of two, maybe three different types of guitars. To think that there are more than 15 different types of guitars, however, seems unreal. As you read on, we will cover 15 of these different guitars you should know about, so that

50 Best Songs About California You Can Play on Guitar

California is called the sunshine state, and for good reason. The sunny paradise at the “edge of the world” is packed with gorgeous shorelines, diverse cities, music, film and television and so much culture that many deem it the quintessential state for art. California is so revered for its culture, art, and spirit, that there

Best Chord Progression Generator

The internet has many valuable tools for musicians. As both a rhythm guitarist and a songwriter, one of my favorite products of the digital age is the chord progression generator (CPG). Using CPGs has helped me expand my musical knowledge AND experiment with some kick*ss riffs I’d never have come across otherwise If you’re reading

30 Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar with Tabs 

The hits of The Beatles are so memorable that after listening just once, it’s hard to imagine ever not knowing them. This makes the band extremely popular, and you, a beginner guitarist, have the advantage of being able to instantly grasp these hits and develop your guitar skills. Below, I have featured 30 easy Beatles

18 Best Green Day Guitar Songs You Need To Learn

With a discography spanning more than 30 years, Green Day has inspired countless artists. I essentially learned guitar to Green Day – and I would argue they taught me well. So, I wanted to share the best Green Day songs, which taught me something valuable. Green Day is proof that a good song does not

23 Tips On How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time

Singing and playing guitar might look easy when you’re watching someone else perform; until you try it yourself. Getting your hands, ears, and voice to coordinate is something that takes practice and skills, but I firmly believe any guitar player can do it if they put their minds to it. Here are 23 tips on

How to Play F major Scale on Guitar

Scales are considered one of the most fundamental concepts in music. These are a subset of notes out of the 12 notes found in western music. There are different types of scales based on the number of notes they contain as well as the mood they create based on the intervals they contain. So what

Learning the Caged System Guitar

In music, patterns are a fairly common occurrence that brings some “order” to something that otherwise might seem pretty complicated! The CAGED System is no different and can be quite the resource for familiarizing yourself with chord shapes and how notes on the fretboard relate to one another. Let’s dive in! The CAGED System in

52 Best Emo Songs To Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level

You may have already noticed emo music is having a revival. When thinking of emo music, it’s not a genre people tend to associate with strong guitar playing. While it’s not as sloppy as some grunge can be, it rarely has the soaring solos of classic rock or the precision of heavy metal. With that

Learning Major Scale Guitar – Guitar Tab, Patterns, and Diagrams

As a young and ambitious musician, I can recall one of the fundamental things I learned about playing the guitar; playing the Major Scale. To be more specific it was the C Major Scale, and it was easy, but more importantly, it was fun. Let’s explore it deeper, shall we? The cover image, displaying the

How to Remember the 6 Guitar String Names and Order

Mastering the “Six Stringed Behemoth” can be a challenge that requires a lot of time and devotion. When you take the time to learn the names of each string, you bring yourself one step closer to being a better guitarist! Let’s dive in! Why Are the Names of Each String Important? The Six Strings of

The Best Guitar Book to Learn Guitar

When learning to play guitar, there are various methods you can use to do this. For some of us, and I include myself here, books are helpful. It was the main method I used to learn, that, and playing with other people. It’s just easier for me to process info like that. Learning to play

Best Guitar Capo

Among the wide selection of guitar accessories, the one that is probably the most famous is the trusty capo. As with today’s saturated guitar market, there is a colossal number of options to choose from and it can be a rather confusing task sorting the good from the bad. With this guide, we hope to

How to Get to Know All the Guitar Fretboard Notes

A lot of guitarists get by with no knowledge of music theory or the notes on the guitar and can even play awesome riffs, play fingerstyle pretty well, etc. Nothing wrong with that if it works well for them. But there may come a point when it can really help you level up. Honestly, in

How to Play E Minor Scale on Guitar

In this article we will explore some most commonly used shapes for E minor scale. But before that it is necessary to learn the basics of how a minor scale is built so that you can create your own shapes in the future to save a whole lot of time. Also there is a section

Chord Progressions in the Key of E

Personally, I like the key of E. I like the chords in it and it’s a comfortable key for me to sing in. If you’re a beginner, some of the chords may be a little harder, but there are plenty of ways to play chords that may be easier. In any case, it’s nothing that

The Best Cheap Classical Guitar

“Classical” guitars refer to acoustic guitars with nylon strings. Today, we’re looking at the top 10 cheap classical guitars you can play proudly. In other words, these are not trash guitars, the kind you’d buy in a rush to put your kids in guitar class. We’re taking this seriously, though. In order to deliver a

How to Transpose Chords

Transposing chords is a necessary skill to accommodate a singer’s vocal range. Especially on the fly. We can’t always get the music printed in a different key and it’s not always appropriate to use your phone, tablet, or laptop. So while it’s all good to use the transpose buttons on Ultimate Guitar or one of

30 Best Guitar Love Songs to Learn to Impress

Is there someone that’s caught your eye or captured your heart… in the best way possible, of course? At some point in our lives, most of us will experience the crazy feelings of being in love, and in some cases, that will go on to become a deeper, calmer, but no less powerful enduring flame.

How to Play the C7 Chord: Easy, Medium, Hard

Ah, the C7 chord. It’s full of tension, but in a beautiful way. It’s jazzy, but it fits into the blues, rock, pop, and so many other genres. This chord, like all other dominant seventh chords, is versatile and injects flavor into chord progressions that have become a little stale. It’s true, the C7 guitar

How Hard is it to Learn Guitar

How hard is it to learn guitar? This is a question that a lot of people ask. It can be daunting to learn a new instrument and you want to know if you have the time and energy to sink into the process. This is definitely a consideration when you need to buy a guitar

How to Learn Guitar Without a Teacher

While I used to have a piano teacher and currently have a violin teacher, I taught myself to play guitar for the most part. When I say, for the most part, I mean that a friend of a family friend showed me how to play A and D. Those were the first chords I learned

How to Play D Minor Scale on Guitar

Scales are considered one of the most fundamental concepts in music. They are known to have a varied use. Most songs as we know them are based on the key system. Not to mention that scales can be a good way to start understanding music theory. Most guitar teachers emphasize learning them. Hundreds of scales

Gibson SGJ Electric Guitar Review 

Gibson doesn’t know what “affordable” means. That’s what you may think, though, as it wasn’t always like this. However, if you’re currently looking for a budget Gibson guitar, this is not the way. See, a couple of years ago, Gibson took some aesthetic and premium features out of their SG guitar series. The goal was

Amazing Grace Chords and Melody Tabs

Amazing Grace is one of the most popular hymns in the world. Most people will know it when they hear it, and may even know the words whether they’re Christian or not. Many musicians like this hymn because of the beautiful melody that can be simple or has as a few bells and whistles added.

Minor Chord Progressions for Writing Sad Songs

So many songs are written in major keys, especially in pop music. So when you hear one in a minor key, it’s quite noticeable. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is, you can just hear and feel that there’s something different. Often these songs in a minor key are some of the most

How to play the F#m Chord: Easy, Medium, and Hard

The F#m chord, pronounced F sharp minor, seems like an intimidating chord at first glance, especially if you’ve just mastered the more simply named major and minor chords. But believe it or not, chords with accidentals (# and ♭) can be played in a variety of ways. Some of these versions are actually quite simple

How to Play the Bm Chord: Easy, Medium, and Hard

The Bm chord is one of those chords that I found a little daunting in the beginning. At the time, I only knew of the open chord and the barre chord in the seventh fret. When I first learned how to play barre chords, I could play only in barre chords and only in open

How to Learn Guitar Scales and Write Solos

Learning scales can be very overwhelming for beginners. Even at the intermediate levels knowing that so many types of scales exist can instill fear in the minds of guitarists. But according to me, learning a scale is not the hardest part. Using that scale to write melodies or solos or riffs is where the crux

Best Small Guitar for Kids 

Here, let me help you find the right guitar for your kids, as there’s no better way to learn music than learning how to play guitar. Keyboards might be the exception, but these are commonly pricier instruments. We’re covering expensive instruments as well. Nevertheless, our list is covering every price point. No matter the size

Best Phaser Pedal For Guitar

We’re reviewing the top 7 best phaser pedals for electric guitars. The models we list range from budget to premium models. Moreover, we’re covering a short butter’s guide, plus a guide on how to use these otherworldly stompboxes. Phaser pedals are modulation effects. It’s a distinctive effect for your guitar, although it’s a challenging sound

Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone SG Special is the mid-level buster. Coming from Gibson’s subsidiary, we already know the basic formula of the electric guitar. It’s an affordable and yet valuable alternative to the coveted Gibson SG guitar, one of the best, if not the best, guitar for rock genres. I would say this is an entry-level guitar

Power Chord Chart for Beginners

A chord is a group of notes that are played simultaneously. These chords make an integral part of the songs. The chords make up one of the three integral parts of any music called Harmony, the other two being Melody and Rhythm. Any and all types of music contain these three components in various amounts