The Best Cheap Classical Guitar

“Classical” guitars refer to acoustic guitars with nylon strings. Today, we’re looking at the top 10 cheap classical guitars you can play proudly. In other words, these are not trash guitars, the kind you’d buy in a rush to put your kids in guitar class. We’re taking this seriously, though. In order to deliver a

How to Transpose Chords

Transposing chords is a necessary skill to accommodate a singer’s vocal range. Especially on the fly. We can’t always get the music printed in a different key and it’s not always appropriate to use your phone, tablet, or laptop. So while it’s all good to use the transpose buttons on Ultimate Guitar or one of

30 Best Guitar Love Songs to Learn to Impress

Is there someone that’s caught your eye or captured your heart… in the best way possible, of course? At some point in our lives, most of us will experience the crazy feelings of being in love, and in some cases, that will go on to become a deeper, calmer, but no less powerful enduring flame.

How to Play the C7 Chord: Easy, Medium, Hard

Ah, the C7 chord. It’s full of tension, but in a beautiful way. It’s jazzy, but it fits into the blues, rock, pop, and so many other genres. This chord, like all other dominant seventh chords, is versatile and injects flavor into chord progressions that have become a little stale. It’s true, the C7 guitar

How Hard is it to Learn Guitar

How hard is it to learn guitar? This is a question that a lot of people ask. It can be daunting to learn a new instrument and you want to know if you have the time and energy to sink into the process. This is definitely a consideration when you need to buy a guitar

How to Learn Guitar Without a Teacher

Want to learn guitar without a teacher? While I used to have a piano teacher and currently have a violin teacher, I taught myself to play guitar for the most part. When I say, for the most part, I mean that a friend of a family friend showed me how to play A and D.

How to Play D Minor Scale on Guitar

Scales are considered one of the most fundamental concepts in music. They are known to have a varied use. Most songs as we know them are based on the key system. Not to mention that scales can be a good way to start understanding music theory. Most guitar teachers emphasize learning them. Hundreds of scales

Gibson SGJ Electric Guitar Review 

Gibson doesn’t know what “affordable” means. That’s what you may think, though, as it wasn’t always like this. However, if you’re currently looking for a budget Gibson guitar, this is not the way. See, a couple of years ago, Gibson took some aesthetic and premium features out of their SG guitar series. The goal was

Amazing Grace Chords and Melody Tabs

Amazing Grace is one of the most popular hymns in the world. Most people will know it when they hear it, and may even know the words whether they’re Christian or not. Many musicians like this hymn because of the beautiful melody that can be simple or has as a few bells and whistles added.

Minor Chord Progressions for Writing Sad Songs

So many songs are written in major keys, especially in pop music. So when you hear one in a minor key, it’s quite noticeable. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is, you can just hear and feel that there’s something different. Often these songs in a minor key are some of the most

How to Learn Guitar Scales and Write Solos

Learning scales can be very overwhelming for beginners. Even at the intermediate levels knowing that so many types of scales exist can instill fear in the minds of guitarists. But according to me, learning a scale is not the hardest part. Using that scale to write melodies or solos or riffs is where the crux

Best Small Guitar for Kids 

Here, let me help you find the right guitar for your kids, as there’s no better way to learn music than learning how to play guitar. Keyboards might be the exception, but these are commonly pricier instruments. We’re covering expensive instruments as well. Nevertheless, our list is covering every price point. No matter the size

Best Phaser Pedal For Guitar

We’re reviewing the top 7 best phaser pedals for electric guitars. The models we list range from budget to premium models. Moreover, we’re covering a short butter’s guide, plus a guide on how to use these otherworldly stompboxes. Phaser pedals are modulation effects. It’s a distinctive effect for your guitar, although it’s a challenging sound

Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone SG Special is the mid-level buster. Coming from Gibson’s subsidiary, we already know the basic formula of the electric guitar. It’s an affordable and yet valuable alternative to the coveted Gibson SG guitar, one of the best, if not the best, guitar for rock genres. I would say this is an entry-level guitar

Power Chord Chart for Beginners

Looking for a power chord chart for beginners? A chord is a group of notes that are played simultaneously. These chords make an integral part of the songs. The chords make up one of the three integral parts of any music called Harmony, the other two being Melody and Rhythm. Any and all types of

Best Acoustic Guitar under $1,000

Today’s article is reviewing the best acoustic guitars under 1000. Naturally, we’ve included various premium choices without breaking the triple-zero price mark. At the same time, we included budget and mid-tier options as well. The best way we found to create the list was climbing the price ladder with each item, so you see what

Top 10 Guitar Scales Tabs – Inspiration for Songwriters

In this guide we present most popular guitar scales tabs you can use as inspiration. Scales are basically a sequence of notes that sound good together. Notes in a scale are arranged in order of their fundamental frequencies. Any scale begins with the root note which is also after which the scale is named. For

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar 

Today, we bring you a list reviewing the top acoustic bass guitars you can buy right now. We’re covering various price levels for your convenience. That means we’re considering entry-level acoustic bass guitars to start our list, and then climb towards top-tier models. Acoustic bass guitars are hollow wooden instruments. They are larger than dreadnought

Gretsch G5420t Electromatic Hollow Guitar Review 

Premiering a couple of years ago, the Gretsch G5420t Electromatic is one of the most popular hollow-body guitars. It’s a top-tier offering from a brand that’s growing continuously, and we’re here to see how it amasses such a good reputation and, at the same time, why it’s not as popular as other guitars of its

How to Play the Minor Scale on Guitar

At Beginner Guitar HQ, it’s our mission to help you become a better guitar player. Part of becoming a better player is learning scales –– the essential building blocks of great guitar licks, riffs and chord progressions. The pentatonic and major scales are usually the first ones you tackle as a beginner guitarist. After that,

Nylon vs Steel Strings for Guitar- Pros and Cons

Today’s battle? Nylon vs steel strings for guitar. This is a pretty common question people have when first starting out on the guitar. Or perhaps you’ve been playing on someone else’s guitar and want to get your own or need to buy new strings and aren’t sure which type of strings to get. Ideally, this

Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar Review

Can you see the price of this guitar? It is incredibly cheap, and also incredibly simple. Needless to say, we ought to keep our Fender FA-100 review short and sweet. If you can’t find it available on the link below, fret not. The Fender FA-100 is an incredibly popular guitar, so it becomes unavailable fairly

How to Play the Whole Tone Scale on Guitar

As a beginner guitar player, you probably started off by learning the major, (natural) minor and pentatonic scales. After all, these are the most common ones in the Western world. They’re easy to learn and can be transposed (moved up or down) to any key. They’re also used in most genres of guitar music. But

Ibanez V70ce Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review 

Today’s article is reviewing the Ibanez V70ce, a budget-level acoustic-guitar by one of the best-value guitar brands in the world.  The Japanese instrument maker has a stellar reputation for highly advanced electronics and forward-thinking ideas. They introduce their proprietary tech on most of their models, from low-tier guitars to their shiniest Prestige line.  Their impact

Martin Custom D Acoustic Guitar Review

C.F. Martin & Co is the brand to beat and imitate when it comes to premium acoustic guitars with steel strings. Few brands can compete against Martin, like for example Taylor and Takamine. However, guitars like the Martin Custom D perfectly show why the Martin name is so relevant and reputed. You would be wrong

Guitar Keys –– The Ultimate Guide

At a jam session, you might hear the singer ask the band to play a song in something like the “key of G” or the “key of D minor”. But what exactly are keys? Simply put, keys are a collection of notes and chords that sound good together. A lot of guitar players think of

When to Use Sus Chords – A Definitive Guide

As Axis of Awesome’s “Four-Chord Song” proves, you can play (almost) any popular guitar song with only a handful of major and minor chords. But what if you want to break out of the G-C-D-Em rut? Shake up a tired chord progression? Learn something new? This is when sus chords come in handy. Sus chords

The Best Carbon Fiber Guitar (and Why It is Worth It)

You might have seen carbon fiber being used in sports equipment like tennis rackets, or as the hood of some imported powerhouse of a sports car — but, strangely, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ve ever seen a carbon fiber guitar. This might be because of the stereotype that they cost an arm and a leg

Squier ‘51 Electric Guitar Review

Squier is perhaps everyone’s favorite budget guitar manufacturer, and Gibson’s subsidiary Epiphone is its only rival, in terms of sheer popularity. The appeal of a budget Stratocaster or Stratocaster guitar is simply too much. Among all of Squier’s incredible offers, we find the Squier ‘51 Stratocaster guitar. Originally, the guitar is part of Squier’s Vintage

Epiphone Broadway Hollow Guitar Review 

Here we go again, with another Epiphone guitar review. And just like we saw on the Elitist Casino, the Epiphone Broadway is also an original hollow guitar with plenty to offer. Although Epiphone is currently Gibson’s subsidiary, they also have various original models. These original guitars and bass guitars come from the early ‘60s when

What is Guitar Intonation (and How to Improve It)

Guitar intonation is the way that the instrument is in tune with itself, along the entire neck. Intonation is something that affects basses, guitars and almost any fretted instrument that has a bridge and strings, and can make a massive difference in the way your guitar sounds – making or breaking whether you sound good

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Review 

We’ve seen many Epiphone electric guitars on our reviews. Often, they present themselves as alternatives to the very expensive Gibson Les Paul. And with a mere fraction of the premium price, guitars like the Epiphone Les Paul Standard are solid, reliable, and quite impressive.  The history of Epiphone and Gibson are intertwined. Both brands have

How to Play Power Chords Like a Pro

Power chords are the key to unlocking many iconic guitar songs across genres and decades –– from Buddy Holly to Black Sabbath to Blink-182. The best part is, they’re not even that hard to play. They’re nowhere near as finger-cramping as barre chords. They’re even easier to fret than some open chords (looking at you,

Epiphone Casino Elitist Hollow Body Guitar Review 

The Epiphone Elitist Casino is not your standard Epiphone guitar. It’s an original model that has been decades in the market. As a combination between classic rock and modern styles, the ’65 Elitist Casino is well worth its price. Gibson’s subsidiary Epiphone is much more than a simple creator of budget Gibson alternatives. Before the

Yousician Guitar Review – Interactive, Video Game Style Lessons

Learning guitar shouldn’t be a chore. After all, it’s called “playing” for a reason! It should be just as fun as playing sports. Or better yet, video games…. Enter Yousician. This Finnish company first made waves in 2010 with their popular Guitar Tuna tuning app. Then, in 2014, they launched a music teaching app for

Seagull Entourage Rustic Acoustic Guitar Review

Seagull, as a subsidiary of the Canadian premium Godin brand, specializes in top-value and near hand-made acoustic guitars. Their instruments often pass the quality tests, though, with many people confusing their models for a mid-level Taylor or Takamine option.  The Seagull Entourage Rustic is a mid-tier offering from the company. It hits the segment with superb

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Metal Electric Guitar Review 

Instead of reviewing mid-level and budget musical gear as we normally do, we’re going all-in. You’re in luck if you’re looking where to spend your hard-earned money on a professional guitar. The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is a dream made electric guitar for metal genres. Schecter Musical Research is an American company. It needs no introduction.

Top 5 Famous 3 Chord Songs

If you’re just starting out learning guitar, it can be frustrating when everything that sounds good seems so complex. It’s always fun to learn to play your favorite songs (in fact that could be why you picked up the guitar in the first place), but it’s sometimes a long hard road to be able to

Jazz Chords to Master: Jazz Chord Chart for Beginners

You’re able to play barre chords, you might’ve tried experimenting with your finger positioning, moving frets or taking fingers off. If you have, you’ll have found that the sound of the chord changes drastically with even small changes, unlocking a whole new dimension to your playing and to the chords that you choose to use

What is a Dreadnought Guitar?

If you’re in the market for a new acoustic or electro-acoustic guitar, you’ll know that there are a lot of different options out there for you – different types of wood, different types of string, different makes and models, and different price points. One of the first options you’ll have to choose between though is

ESP Viper Electric Guitar Review

ESP doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Often their guitars go unnoticed, branded as nothing more than Gibson Les Paul copies. Here we have the ESP Viper electric guitar, another member of their affordable LTD line of modified, metal-oriented “Gibson copies.” Don’t be fooled, though. As per usual, the ESP LTD line offers some serious

G&L JB2 Bass Guitar Review

The G&L JB2, otherwise known as the “Tribute,” follows the original J-bass design of Leo Fender. It’s not a copy, though. Leo Fender himself founded the G&L company after he left Fender in 1965 due to health conditions. That means we’re looking at one of those models crafted by one of the most legendary luthiers

25 Must-Know Guitar Facts

You’ve been playing guitar for a while now. But how well do you really know this iconic instrument? Ace your next trivia night (or just impress your friends) with these fascinating facts –– covering everything from ancient instruments to legendary players to the latest World Records. Popularity Guitar Facts Chuck Berry’s 1956 hit “Roll Over

How to Barre Chords – Play Barre Chords like a Pro

For beginner guitarists (and even experienced players), barre chords can feel like a major pain in the…hand. After all, they’re one of the trickiest voicings to master. Barre chords are a necessary evil. They can teach you how to play anything –– from a B Chord to a Cm to an E♭maj7  It may not

Ibanez S521 Electric Guitar Review 

The Japanese music instrument maker has a straightforward idea. “Our instruments are for playing metal,” they would say, and that’s precisely what the Ibanez S521 stands for. It’s not the ultimate, definitive metal guitar, though. It’s not Ibanez’s most premium model either. Still, it’s a testament to their core philosophy. Ibanez is the go-to brand

Yamaha FGX700SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review 

As always, Yamaha is a top music instrument maker. They are not the definite high-end option out there. And yet, when it comes to electro-acoustic guitars, the Yamaha FG700sc model proves they can share the spotlight with brands like Martin, Gretsch, Fender, and Gibson. It’s also not an expensive model, even though the FG series

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Gone are the days when your only options to learn guitar are to: Lug your gig bag to your local music studio every Thursday night or Listen to your favorite songs on repeat until you figure out the crazy solos. Online guitar lessons are the easy, affordable third option. Even before social distancing, they were

ArtistWorks Review – Premium Online Guitar Lessons

In 2008, an AOL executive named David Butler wanted to learn jazz guitar. But he couldn’t find any decent lessons in his area. So, he and his wife Patricia decided to build an online platform – where anyone could learn an instrument at their own pace and get personalized feedback. It may be a relative

Best Classical Guitar Strings

Most guitar players start with a classical guitar. These instruments are easier to master, more affordable, and comfortable to carry around. That said, let’s not forget a crucial element of classical guitars, which is the strings. You must change the strings twice a year if you regularly play; or once a year if you’re a

TrueFire Guitar Review – The Giant of Online Lessons

When it comes to online guitar lessons, it’s hard to beat TrueFire in numbers alone. Launched in 1991 as an audio series, TrueFire is now a website with 40,000+ video lessons, 900+ courses and 600+ educators – including famous musicians like Steve Vai, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Timmons and Robben Ford. With 500,000+ students across 200